Trick Of The Night By Eric Ugland

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Trick Of The Night: A LitRPG/GameLit Adventure (The Bad Guys Book 8) By Eric Ugland


Book/Novel Author: Eric Ugland

Book/Novel Title: Trick Of The Night



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Forced behind enemy lines. Ready to do battle with slavers, spiders, and ghosts.Say hello to the new and improved Clyde Hatchett…Who’s only a level-four nothing.He’s on a (seemingly never-ending) quest to get back to his life in Glaton. And now, all that stands in his way are the Empire-hating Carchedonians, a death cult, and a traitorous party member. Oh, and a mythical city that very probably doesn’t exist.Prepare to be blown out of the water on this cutthroat journey through the darkest corners of Vuldranni. Clyde has reached the end of his known world. And that’s where the adventure begins.A Trick of the Night is edge-of-your-seat LitRPG action. Pick up this page-turner today!

I enjoy Eric’s writing style a lot. While this is a lighthearted book it has a narrative that says “I won’t stand by and let innocent children be hurt or eaten.” I feel that’s a message I can get behind. So thanks fren, it’s appreciated.

One step closer to getting back to Glaton, and hopefully we’ll be treated to having Montana and Clyde meeting up
This book was good because it did more with the mimic, which was what I was hoping. And it went well
Not a lot going on with this book. Thoroughly sick of the side quests at this point. Between this and his other series I can’t figure out why he’s decided that any improvement to the characters is unimportant.


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