Truck Driver By Jessa Kane

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Truck Driver By Jessa Kane


Book/Novel Author: Jessa Kane

Book/Novel Title: Truck Driver



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He walked into the truck stop diner one rainy night and my life was never the same. The mysterious big rig driver made me feel flustered in ways I barely understood, with his hands. His words. His observant eyes. Now he’s telling me that I’m unsafe. That I’m in serious danger, unless I trust him. In all ways. Physically. Emotionally. In the back of his rig, I become his, without exception. But our happy ending could be cut short by the men who want to hurt me. They underestimated what my truck driver would do to keep me safe, though…and come home to me forever.
When Hoss over hears a conversation and sees a picture of Tatum, he knows immediately that she belongs to him and no one can have what is his. Tatum is working another boring night at the truck stop when he walks in. She never felt desire until she sees Hoss. Now he is all she can think about. This was a quick, sexy read with an over the top alpha and a virgin who won’t deny him anything. This is told from Tatum and Hoss’s point of view. It was hot but also sweet. Alot happened in this book and it was one I couldn’t put down. No cliffhangers or cheating. I can’t wait for the next book!
So disappointed. I rate this book with a big, fat ZERO. This book has a totally unacceptable premise. I won’t read or buy anymore of your books.
If you want a story that is 98% smutt and 2% plot, this is the novella for you. Just giving you a heads up before you start reading it.
Loved this story..Hoss is an obsessed man who’s no afraid to show he’ll do anything for his woman..and a woman who knows how lucky she is !!!
Wow this one was an intense Insta love story. The length this man went to for his obsession for her was wow. Great story is all I can say and it may not do it just But wow.
Yep. Exactly the right amount of psycho. Ditto for obsession. Plays he’ll with my search algorithms. Would read a second time.


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4.9/5309 ratings