Turning the Tables By Claire Thompson

Turning the Tables: Games of the Heart – Book 2 Kindle Edition by Claire Thompson

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Book/Novel Author: Claire Thompson

Book/Novel Title: Turning the Tables

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He’s an arrogant, dominant badass…who finally meets his match Hank Seeley works through his rage over his ex’s betrayal by using rent boys from an exclusive escort service, forcing submission whether it’s wanted or not. When the service sends Avery Thompson rather than one of the usual twinks, Hank gets way more than he bargained for. To make ends meet, Avery, a brew master, takes a temporary job as a sex worker. When he’s asked to meet with a customer who has developed a reputation for being too rough on the subs, Avery doesn’t mind taking the gig. He’s always up for a challenge. It doesn’t take long for Avery to sense something deeply hidden beneath Hank’s entitled, angry façade. The clash between the two men is immediate and intense, as is the attraction. Hank, used to being on top of the world, is overwhelmed by the upheaval taking place in his life, including the sexy bear of a man who is so different from anyone he’s ever met. Turning the Tables is Book 2 of the Games of the Heart series. While it is a stand-alone novel, your experience will be enhanced if you read Book 1 – Dangerous Games.

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