Tutoring the Delinquent By Jessa Kane

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Tutoring the Delinquent By Jessa Kane


Book/Novel Author: Jessa Kane

Book/Novel Title: Tutoring the Delinquent



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Teddy Xavier is a college football god—and lately, a known troublemaker. Family issues and scrapes with the law have his grades suffering and now he has no choice but to be tutored, otherwise he’ll be benched for the championship game. Little does Teddy know the possessive wave that will swallow him whole when he takes one look at Iris Stirling, the quiet campus genius. His methods of keeping Iris are nothing short of extreme. But are they so extreme he’ll drive her away?
Every nerdy girl dream… the hot quarterback!!! What every bookworm dreams to be seen, someone besides a brain…I felt like the girl in the book!!!
Everything that Jessa Kane writes is an immediate instant buy. And since she doesn’t releases very often, I’m glad I have enough backup to last me quite a while. “Tutoring the Delinquent” is a fast-paced, over-the-top, hot insta-romance between innocent, quiet, studious Iris and the football-star-turned-problematic-bad-boy Teddy. The fascination is immediate as well as the attraction. Open some windows ’cause it’s about to get steamy.
I have never been more obsessed with a book by Jess’s Kane, while for some the stalkerish, overly obsessed, maybe a little bit psychotic kind of male mc’s may be off putting to some, but for people like muah there is nothing the ruffles the truffles more than a man willing to go any lengths for his woman, and possibly be slightly derailed. Teddy “Official new love of my life” is honestly a wet dream wrapped in a super hot and muscular quarter back that has found himself pretty troubled times, and who better to help then the quiet, shy, and slightly damaged virginess to silence all the demons running rampant. With this couple you honestly toe the line between thinking they need some psychiatric help or finding them to be the relationship goals in our imagination. I found this book to be a complete hit and home run.
Sometimes its cheesy but knocks on my romantic heart. Though i dont think this happens in real.life, but it makes you wish it does.
I love jessa Kane’s books I read each of them at least for times and this book will be no exception I love their love story and wish for one of my own exactly like this.
I so, so loved this one!!! Omg. All that Alpha male testosterone just exuded from every pore in Teddy. Iris was so sweet and innocent… just a perfect pairing! Wish we could get some of the kids stories and see if that dominance rubbed off on them! Amazing Read ❤


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