Tutoring the Player By Rebecca Jenshak

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Tutoring the Player (Campus Wallflowers) By Rebecca Jenshak


Book/Novel Author: Rebecca Jenshak

Book/Novel Title: Tutoring the Player



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A sexy opposites attract standalone novel from USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Jenshak.I have a type.I love the good guy.Responsible and stable. Safe.So when a beer-drinking, quick-witted, tattooed hockey player asks me to tutor him, I’m suddenly thrust into the world of bad boys and bad decisions.Jordan is a renowned player on campus.He doesn’t take anything seriously, except hockey and partying.But he gives me butterflies.I’m a wallflower tutoring Valley University’s hottest player.
This has the potential to be great, not even kidding I was really feeling this, I thought this was gonna be the next best college romance series but damn did it fall short and I’ll tell you why: Violet.It’s incredible how an entire character can ruin a good book, especially the way she was written. I understand you were hurt but man did she annoy me and annoyed me more when she got in the way of the main couple. I really liked Jordan and Daisy what I didn’t like is how influenced Daisy was by her cousin Violet. This book was good up until the 70% mark and then I was getting more and more annoyed.
I think a high school or young college girl would like this story but not a grown woman. It’s the day-to-day minutiae of an insecure college girl. Where is this story going??
I didn’t expect to like this much after the first few chapters. It just didn’t draw me in, but I’m so thankful I stuck with it. It was witty and funny. Sweet and spicy. The plot twist was a tear-jerker. Overall a good read and if you haven’t picked it up yet, you need to!
Daisy is shy but also has a little grit in the mix. Jordan is a bad boy, and she’s just not interested. I absolutely loved this book. Finished it quickly—a great start to a new series.
Loved that jordan falls for daisy first. He goes to certain lengths/manipulations to make sure daisy stays his. The big reveal/fight was absolutely pointless n I disliked daisy a bit for being mad about his said manipulations, 1. Because anyone who tries to do that obviously cares alot about you n 2. It wasnt even that bad but she made it a huge deal. Jordan was super sweet about getting her back. I felt like there was a lack of depth tho n passion to things. Otherwise a cute story.
“Most shy people desperately want to be included, but to do something as simple as plan a night out makes us anxious.”Daisy and her friends consider themselves as Wallflowers, they usually spend their time outside of school watching Pride and Prejudice (because Hello! Mr. Darcy!), drinking wine (or vodka ) and trying on clothes that her cousin Violet makes. But as Daisy said, just because she’s shy doesn’t mean she’s quiet.Then comes Jordan, Mr. Playboy, Best Friend to Daisy’s crush. Casual flings are his cup of tea, relationships are just distractions. And then he meets Daisy and he can’t seem to fight of the attraction.“I want to be the guy that shows up for you. Tonight. Tomorrow. Every day. I want to be your person that’s there for the good and bad, for all the fully clothed things. I’ve played it in my mind a million times. What if this or that, but I refuse to believe that there’s any scenario that wouldn’t have led me here.”This is a cute, slow burnish, friends to lovers, opposites attract romance with all the swoony feels! It was also pretty hot! makes me really wanna have a treehouse outback


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