Twelve Days By Paul Williams

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Twelve Days: A Gripping Crime Mystery By Paul Williams


Book/Novel Author: Paul Williams

Book/Novel Title: Twelve Days



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*”Atmospheric, gripping, scary and full of tension and suspense.”* *”Agatha Christie updated for the modern age. Totally gripping”* **Ten people. Twelve days. One killer.** Ten people meet for a reunion at a remote castle, organised by a preacher who once held them in a Christian cult. One by one, the old friends are brutally murdered, and yet their killer remains hidden in their very midst. Rafe attends the reunion at the castle for one reason only: to settle once and for all how he really feels about his childhood obsession, Suzanne. Rivalry reignites at the outset as the men who all loved and fought over Suzanne are brought together once more. Is Suzanne the reason for these serial killings? Is the murderer a jealous unrequited lover? Or is she the femme fatale with a bloody agenda? **As tension mounts, Rafe must play this deadly game in order to identify and neutralise the hidden serial killer before he himself becomes the next victim…**
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##### **Twelve Days is a twisty, gripping and claustrophobic crime thriller which you won’t be able to put down. It will appeal to fans of authors like Mark Edwards, John Marrs and Caroline Mitchell.**





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