Two of a Kind By Sandi Lynn

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Two of a Kind: Kind Brothers Book 2 By Sandi Lynn


Book/Novel Author: Sandi Lynn

Book/Novel Title: Two of a Kind



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Rule number one: Do not pursue my daughter’s new nanny.I had my reservations about hiring Alex Clark.With her long brown hair and deep brown eyes, she was a beautiful woman.I knew if I hired her and moved her into my home, the temptation to keep my hands to myself would be torturous.But I was desperate, she needed a job, and my daughter liked her.Rule number two: Stop imagining her body on top of mine.Too late. Within a week, I’d broken both rules.She was complicated, I was complicated, and now the situation was complicated.I wasn’t a relationship type of guy, and for good reasons.Her dream was to find a man who checked off all her boxes.Her person, hero, and knight and shining armor.The man who would rescue her from the grips of her past.I didn’t want to be that guy, or did I?
Another kind brother bites the dust and falls in love. He had a daughter Lily that he raised from birth. He is in need of a Nanny. He meets Alex and becomes his new Nanny for Lily. It goes smoothly until he ends up getting Alex the nanny in bed….. You’ll figure it out after that! The kind brothers are involved in everything that they do including falling in love! Two down, two more to go. Great read for the romantic personality, you’ll Enjoy it very much. The chemistry was there and the excitement of a new adventure for The Kind family members. Enjoyed! Loved this little no thinkers of a store! Part 3 is next, which brother takes the leap?!!!
This is Stefan’s book and the next brother who’s not gonna find love or relationships… his main focus is his little girl Lilly whom steals the book because she is just too adorable. Lilly is one step ahead of her father and knows just what he needs…. The new nanny Alex Clark, who has had a rough start and knows what its like to grow up with one parent. So go along with this brother and see what Sandi has in store for you.
I’m loving this SERIES and this story was even better and stronger than the first and I loved that one! Lily for a child has a very strong character that has been hurt emotionally by her mom leaving her and I loved the patience the h has for her trying to draw her out. I LOVED THIS STORY.
I have read every Sandi Lynn book. She never disappoints and the Kind brothers is no different. Even though you can read each book separately, it is better to read them in order. The 3rd book will be out in a couple weeks. Buy each book and enjoy
Another good read in the series. Loved seeing Stefan meet his match in Alex and being brought to his knees! Looking forward to the next book.
This book was a great read. I would read it again! I love the stories of the Kind brothers and can’t wait for the next two. This one was really funny and a fun loving family!


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