Under a Sky of Memories By Soraya M. Lane

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Under a Sky of Memories By Soraya M. Lane


Book/Novel Author: Soraya M. Lane

Book/Novel Title: Under a Sky of Memories



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From the bestselling author of The Last Correspondent comes the powerful story of three brave women who go to war—and end up fighting for their lives.Sicily, 1943. Three American women, all nurses in the Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron, are determined to do all they can for their country. Vita is fun-loving, Dot shy and sweet-natured, and Evelyn practical and determined, but for all their differences, a life of military service pulls the three together as firm friends.When they’re selected for a daring mission, the women are proud to play their part. But disaster strikes when their plane crash-lands behind enemy lines in occupied Albania. Together with twenty-three other medics, they find themselves trapped, cut off from all communication with the squadron, and in terrifying and unimaginable danger.As days and nights pass without hope of rescue, the group must travel on foot across unfamiliar terrain thick with Nazis and their violent local allies. Can Evelyn, Vita, and Dot survive the perilous journey through enemy territory—and finally find their way home?
This book contains 3 three strong nursing characters set during WW 2. The storyline contained less emphasis on the act of nursing but more on one single event that happened to change their lives. I highly recommend reading this book.
This is one of the best Soraya Lane books I have read!! Loved how it followed so many true events and explanation of how the program came about and how important it was!! I really like the characters and how they all fought hard to survive!! How they overcame third droughts and insecurity’s!! Very well written Soraya!! I will be waiting for your next release!!
Based on actual events, American nurses and medics, pilots and British operatives trek through Nazi occupied Albania for over two months- before being rescued. Albanian people hide them, feed them and help them survive at great personal cost to themselves. Much has been written about France, Italy , Germany and England during these years but Albania is the hero here and the people who helped these nurses and those who were shot down with them, deserve to be known and appreciated! A really great book!
Under a Sky of Memories is the story of Vita, Dot, and Evelyn, three American nurses who sign up to serve in World War II. As members of the Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron, they will be the nurses on board air ambulances, transporting injured soldiers away from the front lines so they can recover in proper hospitals. They are posted to Catania in Sicily, where they find the work difficult but satisfying. Soon, they are all assigned to the same mission, a super flight with multiple doctors and nurses on board. A series of mishaps leads them to crash-land in Armenia … enemy territory. The story then becomes a tale of survival: will the pilots, nurses, and medics survive? Under a Sky of Memories is a gripping story with excellent characters. The writing is excellent, with plenty of suspense, made all the more engaging once I realised this was based on a true story. That’s actually an important fact, because otherwise it would be easy to complain the mistakes leading to the crash weren’t realistic! The author has obviously done a heap of research, which is great, but it never overwhelms the story. Instead, the story very much focuses on the three nurses. Recommended for historical fiction fans, especially those who enjoy World War II fiction. Thanks to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.
What an incredible story! I became riveted with the characters and the plot i.immediately. knowing it was based on live events kept me holding to my seat , not knowing whether they would make. During the plane crash,my heart jumped and my pulse raced. That’s how well written the scene was, and that was the same throughout the book. I am so glad I discovered this amazing novel. Ms. Lane is one of my favorite historical fiction authors of the WWII period. The narrator added to my enjoyment a great deal, awesome job on giving the characters a unique tone. Happy reading and listening!
Under a Sky of Memories is by Soraya M Lane. This novel is based on a true story of World War II. The event had been classified for many years when it was finally declassified in the 1990’s. None of the people involved talked about the mission that went wrong. In 1942, the army created the Medical Air Evacuation Squadron to airlift soldiers from the field to hospitals. During its lifetime, one million men were transported with only 76 dying in flight. Usually, the plane consisted of a nurse and a medic with the pilot flying in and picking up to 100 men to fly to a hospital. It was an unusual flight that this novel is about. The weather in Italy had caused the flights to be cancelled for several days. The men had to be moved to hospitals. The commander of the Squadron decided to send half of his squadron in a large plane to pick up as many men as they could. The flight consisted of 13 nurses, 13 medics, and a flight crew of four. The plane was caught in surprisingly heavy weather and also had a run-in with German anti-air fire. The plane crash landed but with only one person injured and no fatalities. When they evacuated the aircraft, they were greeted by a resistance group who told them they were in Albania. They were way off course. Albania , at this time, was fighting the Germans and were involved in a civil war to determine who would rule once the war with the Germans was over. Luckily the group who found them was on the Allies side and not the Germans. With the resistance group, the MAETS set out to walk to a point where they could be rescued. They ended up walking 650 miles through rough terrain to avoid the Germans. They had to rely on the resistance group and various villages who gave them food and places to stay. They had to trust these villagers not to tell the Germans where they were. Soraya Lane took this story and created her novel. The characters are so well described that you begin to think of them as real people. You feel their pain as they face starvation, blisters, and overwhelming fatigue yet keep moving one step at a time. You hear the sounds of the forest as they try to avoid the Germans. You feel their relief as they reach the villages and realize they are safe. The novel is fantastic and one which is compelling to continue to read until finished. It is an event of World War II that few people know about which makes it intriguing .


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