Under Cover By Aria Cole

Under Cover: A Blue Collar Alpha Romance by Aria Cole and Mila Crawford

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Book/Novel Author: Aria Cole

Book/Novel Title: Under Cover

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Brody Romano, the lead detective of his small-town police force, has one passion. His job. Because of that dedication, his love life has been non-existent. And then she came into his life. His years of working tough cases and long hours at the station could never prepare him for a sassy, curvy, questionably crazy, and down-right gorgeous woman that’s desperate for his help–and willing to do anything to get it. And now he can’t stop picturing all kinds of filthy ways she could repay him. When Phoebe Wells shows up at the local precinct to file a missing persons report, she’s not prepared for the shade Detective Romano throws her way…or the fact that it drives her wild. Desperate for the detective’s expertise, Phoebe will do anything necessary to get him to see things her way. With every encounter, Brody and Phoebe find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other. With the heat rising and the promise of crossing the line in their future, they can no longer ignore the sizzling chemistry that pulses like a livewire between them. But maybe that’s just the thing they both desperately want? Warning: From love to hate to love again, Detective Brody and Phoebe banter like they were born that way, baby. Suit up for a laugh-out-loud romp through small-town crazy catastrophes with a serious dose of sweltering steam.

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