Undying Stars By Anna Carven

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Undying Stars: Darkstar Mercenaries Book 6 By Anna Carven


Book/Novel Author: Anna Carven

Book/Novel Title: Undying Stars



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When Kora Williams wakes up inside the dark alien warship called Silence,fate has spun completely out of her control.She doesn’t understand why she was abducted by a vicious, depraved Kordolian, and she can’t believe she was rescued by an even more dangerous one. A big, armor-clad brute of a warrior, who lifted her into his arms far too easily, as if she weighed next to nothing.She should be dead, or at the very least, doomed to a terrible life as a slave.But she’s been saved, and now she’s on a ship full of dangerous silver-skinned aliens and their surprisingly human mates. She wants nothing to do with this strange new reality. She doesn’t want to dwell on her horrific ordeal. All she wants to do is return to a normal life on Earth; to her cozy little house, her job, her son…But these Kordolians have other ideas. To her dismay, it turns out there’s a reasonshe was taken.And the big, lethal warrior who rescued her?He’s been assigned to protect her.
Thank you so much for this series of books,I could not put this one down.I was so excited and amazing I love it so much keep up the good work.
Every time I dive into this world I cannot get enough! Mesmerizing storyline that pulls you in so fully that it’s tragic when each book ends. I hope more book or a spin off (another) will be made. For those that want a ton of super hot scenes only then this won’t deliver but soo soo much sweet anticipation is there and doesn’t take anything away from the book. Loved it
There is a lot I like about this book and series. I like that the main character is a little older and has a teen ager. I like that she’s a nurse. I also like that the plot thickens as the decide who is stealing humans from Earth.I didn’t like that a lot of the history of Jeral seemed left out. There were holes in the plot about the riot on new years eve. Maybe it will be explained in another book? What about that woman who was injured?Maybe the next book will explain more?
As always could not wait to read the latest in the kordolian warrior series. Then to my surprise the female character ‘Kora is a kiwi’ from Aotearoa ..Which made me even more eager and excited to read on as I am also from the land of the ‘long white cloud’. The storyline was ok, however I felt it kinda tamed, compared to its predecessors. I like the twist of the main characters ‘Kora and Jeral’ however I felt there should’ve been more to their story. I wasn’t disappointed, the kordolian universe is the bestest series and is number one on my best series list, it actually knocked Kresley Cole series IMD to 2nd, I just wanted more ..Hurry up with next one please ..
Ann’s Carven has stolen my heart with the Kordolians (my sexy silver, space elves).Unless I’m at work, I have a bad tendency of stopping whatever I’m doing when an Anna Carven book releases. Do not speak, look, or breathe in my directions. I’m in another world of utter breathtakingly love, devotion, loyalty, and violence.Nothing else exists.Thank you for such amazing books.
Ok first off, you must read dark planet series first. The books are stand alone but reading from beginning to end is totally worth it! Second, Ms. Anna Carven is an amazing author. This series is so good that I feel like I’m on the edge of a cliff waiting for the next one. I know it takes time to write a good book so I’ll wait, even if I’m impatient. I read this series through kindle unlimited.


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