Unearthed By JC Ryan

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Unearthed: A Rex Dalton Thriller By JC Ryan


Book/Novel Author: JC Ryan

Book/Novel Title: Unearthed



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A geologist makes an astounding discovery—the world’s biggest deposit of rare-earth elements—in the remote Republic of Namibia on the west coast of Southern Africa.But China controls ninety-seven percent of the planet’s rare-earths and uses it to hold the world’s electronics industry at ransom. If they discover this new find, they will go to war to maintain their monopoly. The CIA sends a team of black ops specialists under the command of Rex Dalton, accompanied by Digger, his special forces dog, to ensure China doesn’t get their hands on the mine. Though Rex and the team try to keep the discovery a secret, it’s too late to keep the Chinese from finding out. Soon, Rex and Digger are in a race against time to keep the USA and China from starting World War III and destroy the small, fledgling nation of Namibia in the process. UNEARTHED is a full-length novel, a nail-biting thriller by best-selling author JC Ryan. It is the fifteenth book in the electrifying Rex Dalton series.
Nothing to dislike. Finished the book in 2 days. Waiting for the next one. When I knew this book was about to published, I was ready for a good read.
Rex and his dog Digger and team are involved with helping to get an agreement between the US and a South African Nation. While investigating that they find illegal governmental activities. In addition they find out that China is involved in illegal mining and rare animal harvesting. The teams background activities live action is exciting. It is a fast read, hard to put the book down.
The one thought that kept running through my head as I read UNEARTHED was how close it ran parallel to our present day world. I wondered how it would end. A great read.
Twists, turns. The story depth was very good. Great characters. Another winner in this series. A master of the genre.
OMG, I forgot to leave my review after reading this book as an ARC reader, sorry I got busy and forgot. All the players were there and then some…this was one of the best books yet, so much going on. I liked the idea of the RRE’s being in Kriges mountain and how it affected the Chinese. Routing out all the corruption of all the government employees was very nicely done by our gang of Rex, Digger, Catia, Josh and Marisa. It was a good story, I especially liked Leah and how she became strong enough to help and stand up to her boss. Their tech was what took down the corrupt players and with the help of the journalist you couldn’t refute the facts. Great book, you are going to love this one.
As always the Rex Dalton books are as good as you can get. Digger of course is always a star. Mr Ryan I can’t wait till the next Rex Dalton book is out.


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4.9/5309 ratings