Unexpected Dev-elopments By Daniel Schinhofen

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Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Author’s Cut Book 7) By Daniel Schinhofen


Book/Novel Author: Daniel Schinhofen

Book/Novel Title: Unexpected Dev-elopments

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Alvin was happy to finally give Gothy one of the things she’d been begging for all along— a plane— so he was understandably upset when it died in its first, short-lived flight as they helped the Red River Army Depot fend off a horde of zombies from Dallas.Gothy was happy to get a replacement for the plane, however, and the armored vehicle sporting a BIG gun pleased Alvin as well. With the Bradley Fighting Vehicle in their possession, he couldn’t help but wonder what could possibly be a real challenge in the future.Alvin made the decision that they would all take a few days to learn what the Bradley was capable of before they ventured further east. Its Bushmaster gun delivered a hell of a kick to anything with armor, though Alvin wondered how they could acquire TOW missiles or high-explosive ammunition to boost their damage even more. After Alvin and his group wiped a miniboss out without so much as breaking a sweat, Alvin should have been expecting more changes to the game he now inhabited. After all, he seemed to be a nexus of Dev-elopments as the game went on.(This book contains adult situations, in all their horror and glory, including but not limited to: sex, abuse, drug use, and murder. It also contains graphic sex scenes, which portray elements of BDSM and harem. You’ve been warned.)

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