Unexpected Hero By Viola Grace

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Unexpected Hero (Shattered Stars Book 10) By Viola Grace


Book/Novel Author: Viola Grace

Book/Novel Title: Unexpected Hero



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Kidnapped, ransomed, and rejected, she didn’t think things could get any worse until she realized that the rescue approaching was going to have conditions.Misty survived a horrible life and terrible parents and siblings to make it across the stars when her world ended. Those that hurt her were on the same ship. Family groups needed to be kept together, and she accepted that her suffering wasn’t going to end.Four and a half years of a menial job later, she meets a few people that are genuinely kind, and she enjoys the kindness while it lasts. A few days later, she is kidnapped and held for ransom, and no one will pay.She is ready to be auctioned off to the highest bidder when a rescuer appears, and it is the person who offered her kindness at the café. Now, he is offering a contract, and she doesn’t have another option. She will sign a contract with the overseer and see how long she lasts.
This story is satisfying, because the people who abused the heroine were punished. The abuse by her family was referred to. The abuse by her employer was not physical. Her hero and lover was wonderful. Great ending, too.
For a young Terran girl whose jealous family couldn’t do right by, you gotta love her inner strength and tenacity. Good strong reading!
I really love this author I have everything that she’s written so far. I am looking forward to it what’s coming next
Ms. Grace’s stories are always a great read. Ending on the positive and with hope. Keep the adult read coming. Linda H.
Was Misty’s mom and sister imprisoned for theabuse/rape/ trafficking there subjecting her to. I loved her mate. He was amazing.
This is a great romance, way hot and graphic, oh my. But he’s so supportive of her, healing. And she’s had it hard. Difficult times. He didn’t know how tired he was or how lonely. Together, they glow. Sigh.


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