Unfree Speech By Joshua Wong

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Unfree Speech: The Threat to Global Democracy and Why We Must Act, Now By Joshua Wong


Book/Novel Author: Joshua Wong

Book/Novel Title: Unfree Speech

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**’** **Joshua Wong is the future that has already come. … Together we are one loud voice that cannot be silenced.’** – **Greta Thunberg**
**’If we want freedom, we need to learn from Hong Kong. With values, tactics, and courage, Joshua Wong shows us the way.’** **–** **Timothy Snyder**
* * *
**- Introduction by Ai Weiwei -**
**An urgent manifesto for global democracy from the leading 23-year-old Hong Kong activist – Nobel Peace Prize nominee and *TIME* , *Forbes* and *Fortune* world leader.**
**At what point do you stand up to power?**
When he was 14, Joshua Wong made history. While the adults stayed silent, Joshua staged the first ever student protest in Hong Kong to oppose National Education – and won.
Since then, Joshua has led the Umbrella Movement, founded a political party, and rallied the international community around the anti-Extradition Bill protests, which have seen 2 million people – more than a quarter of the population – take to Hong Kong’s streets. His actions have sparked worldwide attention, earned him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination, and landed him in jail twice.
Composed in three parts, *Unfree Speech* chronicles Joshua’s path to activism, collects the letters he wrote as a political prisoner, and closes with a powerful and urgent call for all of us globally to defend our democratic values.
**When we stay silent, no one is safe. When we free our speech, our voice becomes one.**

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