United By K. M. Shea

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United: Magiford Supernatural City (Pack of Dawn and Destiny Book 2) By K. M. Shea


Book/Novel Author: K. M. Shea

Book/Novel Title: United



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A wolf is attacking the humans of Timber Ridge and changing them into werewolves—against their will.The change process is extremely dangerous and involves bloodshed. It isn’t something that happens by accident, which can only mean one thing.Someone is doing this on purpose.I’m going to find the rampaging sicko responsible for this outbreak, even if it means I have to master my new magic to stop them.Thankfully, Greyson—the Pack Alpha and the most powerful wolf in the Midwest—is always down for a hunt. The only problem is that I’m starting to find him attractive—which is the worst thing I could do. He’s got an incomplete mate bond, and since I’m a hunter, I could never be a wolf’s mate.That’s okay. I’m used to being alone. I’m a werewolf hunter, not part of the Pack. But that’s an awfully dangerous place to be when there is a rogue wolf on the loose.United is the second book in the Pack of Dawn and Destiny urban fantasy trilogy, and is part of the Magiford Supernatural City world. It features werewolves, hunters, and fae, and is filled with humor, adventure, and a sweet romance that will have you laughing out loud.
Kitty is such an amazing writer, and this book has so much in it! I suspected a certain character since the first book, but gosh what they did was horrid! It has been fantastic to see the character dynamics shift and grow, and Pip, Greyson and the gang are so much fun. I loved the visiting fae, and seeing how the different series are interconnected, yet separate. Such masterful and clear writing, a wonderful second book in the series. I can’t wait to read the conclusion!
Just amazing, I’m gonna go read the next one right now! I’m so excited! Ahhhhh, I love it a lot and I know this review is not at all helpful but it’s a fabulous book! Thank you K.M. Shea!
I appreciate that, though the ending was a bit of a cliffhanger, it didn’t feel as frustrating as the ones from the previous trilogies. I think its because it was expected. I also appreciate that Pip and Greyson’s relationship is not one filled with animosity and while I am enjoying the somewhat friends to lovers road they are walking down, I do wish that Pip wasn’t quite so oblivious. I don’t mean figuring out the bond yet, but when people are flirting. Or Greyson’s intentions. I think that initially it’s understandable why she doesn’t see it for what it is, because of the touchy-feely nature of the wolves, but after that particular scene… To be fair, she does get a clue and starts to pull back because of her thoughts on the matebond. And she does say something, sort of, to Greyson, but it never feels like there’s real intention behind it. I was surprised by the villain in this book. Though it did feel like it came a bit out of nowhere, I enjoyed it. I loved Teresa’s personality. And, like Greyson, am concerned for Pip’s stomach. I’m curious to see how things conclude in the next book. My predictions on the romance: nothing will actually happen between Pip and Greyson until the last few chapters. Pip will remain conflicted, despite what she said in this book because now she wonders at the authenticity of Greyson’s feelings. Or will continue to be insecure about her place in the pack. And then, because of that tidbit we learn about what hunters can do with their magic, that will be the key to sealing the matebond. But we’ll only see them actually mated for the epilogue.
Adventure, suspense, romance and fun! I laugh so much out loud that my husband thinks I’m crazy when I read these books! Love the entire Magiford series!!!!
I love this series. This has a bit of a cliff hanger, but the last book is out so just dive right in and find out the next part. Love the storyline and the build up. This book was so crazy and so good. I loved reading it and started up waaaaay too late to finish it.
Love love love this second book! I love Alpha Greyson and Pip and their relationship and their relationships with everyone else around them!! Such an amazing 2nd book in the series!!


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