Unregulated Upheaval By Erin R Flynn

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Unregulated Upheaval (Artemis University Book 12) By Erin R Flynn


Book/Novel Author: Erin R Flynn

Book/Novel Title: Unregulated Upheaval



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My name is Tamsin Vale and I’m the only living heir to all of Faerie. I want to do what’s right and use that position to help my people, but too many treat me as if I belong to them and that world.
And I cannot live my life that way.
Nor can I keep pretending all my relationships are okay. Three are great, but it’s time to let one go and stop forcing myself to accept so much.
The warlock and vampire elders are gone, arrested, for their crimes. People are upset how we’re handling so much or getting involved in “their” world. Funny, because all I heard when we were in hiding is people wished fairies would come back.
I don’t have the time to focus on the complaints of others. I have too many of my own. The fairy elders and ancients are getting worse now that we’re out. At least people are finally hearing me that they are just as corrupt as the other councils were. The pushback is hard to deal with, but I refuse to let history repeat itself.
I won’t. Nobody believes me that I’ll walk, but I will to save myself.

Artemis University is an ongoing hot burning reverse harem, university-age paranormal academy series with darker elements, strong language, violence, and a heroine who follows her own moral compass of what is right… And who she ends up giving her heart to.
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I’m an enormous Erin Flynn fan but I’m beginning to wonder about this series. It started so fun and cathartic because there were bad guys and a FMC who could take them even if she wasn’t perfect. Maybe even because she wasn’t perfect.But the series has gotten more and more depressing and in a downward spiral.I accept that the point of most books is to put the MC in perilous positions that they then have to work their way out of but this is getting ridiculous.*Spoiler alert*I accepted that there was corruption in the councils but then it became EVERY Council including the fairies. It’s as if every single man over her age is corrupt. This begins to bleed over into her love life with Julian for the second time.One of the main reasons I love Erin Flynn as an author is that she doesn’t just leave us hanging all the time. There is a resolution, an end to that particular bad thing. The readers get that feeling of accomplishment. Knowing the bad guy got what he deserved and that the FMC may have been hurt but is going to get up and continue the fight. But lately she’s not. She’s so tired she’s making me tired. I’m giving up just as much as she is.That takes this from the realm of enjoyable fiction to the one of ‘let me make it though this’.It’s becoming like bad sex. And it makes me very sad to say that about one of the authors I truly love and have incredibly deep admiration for.
Yes I need you to rewind and fix that last bit wtf. Lmao I thought they were doing so well and then you turned around and stabbed me right back in the heart withthis one.
With long series, I usually get tired of the characters and things seem very repetitive. This isn’t one of those. I get to the end of the book and am always disappointed. I honestly can’t wait for the next one!
Another great book in the series. Truly draws you in and makes you feel all the emotions Tamsin is going through.
I honestly give up.Myself and others have left so many reviews indicating that after this many books, some things need to be done.Like the constant relationship drama and ridiculous rants by Tamsin.I’ve left reviews with constructive criticisms and then the author makes disrespectful comments on Facebook about how we don’t know anything.And then, she clearly disregarded any constructive criticism or suggestions and again refused to allow Tamsin to have any growth.And she included more relationship drama.The whole Lucca situation seems like she just couldn’t figure out how to make him fit in her story after she went off the rails again and now he doesn’t fit.And all the reasons why it can just go away don’t make any sense since she tried to break up with all of them once before.So no, I am officially done with this series.I may wait until the entire series is finished then buy the very last one to read the epilogue but I can continue to pay for this by an author who disrespects her readers.Which is sad because Artemis used to be one of my go to Re-read stories.Not so anymore.
Woman. You KILL me! Unregulated Upheaval (UU) book 12 (holy cats) was a masterpiece. I’m not going to lie. Tasmin has really caused me to use some colorful language but SHE IS GROWING SO MUCH. Her character really is taking second now to think about things and not just running on emotions and that is just so beautiful to see. Hudson and Darby are really winning as top mates, Lucca is really working on it, and he*ll Neldor is even doing WAYYYY better than my man J. Now come on, don’t fail me now Julian….again.


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