Unsung Requiem By C. L. Stone

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Unsung Requiem: The Ghost Bird Series: #13 By C. L. Stone


Book/Novel Author: C. L. Stone

Book/Novel Title: Unsung Requiem



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Victor Morgan’s entire life has been in the limelight. Groomed by his fierce mother as a piano prodigy, intent on using him to build a legacy for the Morgan name.But legacies require the utmost in care. Any little disaster can cause a mountain of problems.After a 17th birthday party ends in catastrophe, a fight with his parents sends Victor out into the world for the first time on his own. With his Academy team and Sang by his side, it’s everything he’swanted for years. It’s his time to get out from under his parents’ oppressive control and finally be himself.But Victor is a local celebrity in the Charleston community. His name and face have been everywhere. His every move is noticed. When his actions lead to the risk of a very public exposure of himself and his team, including thwarting Sang’s chances at remaining a Ghost Bird, Victor realizes the life his mother built may jeopardize everything. The Morgan name may just be his downfall.There may be no escape. The only way to save Sang and his team might be to give up what he really wants more than anything: to finally be the real Victor Morgan.The Academy, Verismo
The writing style has altered some, but that’s to be expected as any author continues to grow. The story was phenomenal as always and left me hungry for more. I can’t wait for the next installment.
I worried it would have lost the appeal with the length of time for this release. I loved it! Thank you CL for keeping the heart of this unique group together. Can’t wait for the continuation. Please let the next be really soon!
The other books in this series focus on getting to know the characters, about the academy, trying to solve the problem with the school and volto. But this book focused on characters growth and focusing on getting what they can done so they can focus on their future. I was so happy by the end of this book because I feel like the team has even more focus on what needs to be done with the school and volto and in their free time, focus on their future and relationships. I am excited to start seeing the relationship between Sang and Mr. Blackbourne grow.
Update: I reread the book looking for the things I originally felt (see below). After rereading it I feel I was too caught up to fully see the story.The second read proved that all characters have equal time and there is good flow around them. Also I see more were he would have gotten into the situation that set off the events. I think without fully realizing it I got so sucked in that I was just really upset. Which shows how good the author is that I was i and upset over what was happening. I am not deleting what I said below because that is how I felt. I was a bit obsessed over it for a few days before deciding to reread. Maybe others have the same initial reaction and will read again. Still really love this series.Fist readDidn’t feel as connected to the rest of the story. Also not as compelling as a read. She also casual takes a shower, which we know isn’t a thing. Not bad but felt like a different writer. There also was a lot of focus on only one of the guys which the other books even when one was the center of the story it didn’t feel like the book was dedicated to just the one character, there was always a strong give and take and everyone was present throughout it felt equally. It also didn’t pick up where the other ended which still leaves me with the cliff hanger feel from that book which has kept me up for years waiting for this book. The grammar is better, but it left me feeling like something important was missing.
I’ve waited forever for this book to come out, did my reread of the whole series prior. But this one sucked! It was mostly all victor and he was so not what I expected for his book! Most of the others were non existent and there was not progress. I’ve waited years for this last book and it truly was a disappointment.
I’ve been reading this series for years! Although it takes a really long time for each book in the series to come out, it’s totally worth it.


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