Untamed Daddy By Laylah Roberts

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Untamed Daddy (MC Daddies Book 4) By Laylah Roberts


Book/Novel Author: Laylah Roberts

Book/Novel Title: Untamed Daddy

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A tragedy in his past shaped the man he was today . . .Hard. Ruthless. Possessive.If you were his, Jacob Reyes would protect you with his dying breath.That’s why he let so few people close.Then there was HER.Soft and strong. Sweet and sassy.A Little in trouble who called to his Daddy instincts to protect her. But did he deserve her?Warning: Contains a sometimes grumpy, overly possessive Daddy Dom who likes to spank and uses colorful language. Also contains age play. So if you don’t like any of that then this isn’t the book for you!Please note that these books should be read in order to make more sense.

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4.9/5309 ratings