Unveiling Magic By Chloe Garner

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Unveiling Magic By Chloe Garner


Book/Novel Author: Chloe Garner

Book/Novel Title: Unveiling Magic

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Everybody lies. All the time. About everything.
Her mom lied to her about magic. Her best friend lied to her about not being a spy. Her dad… Well, that’s too much lie to put into a single accusation.
And Valerie is about to discover that she hasn’t seen anything yet.
Welcome back to second semester at The School of Magic Survival. Valerie survived first semester – barely – and everyone is slowly adapting to who she is and what she’s capable of. Understandably, Valerie has trust issues with everyone around her – save loyal roommate Sasha – but she’s going to have to figure out who she does trust and who she doesn’t trust, and fast, because in a world where nothing is ever what it seems, she’s about to discover that she’s still wrong about all of it.
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