Vapor Trails By Joshua Dalzelle

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Vapor Trails (Terran Scout Fleet Book 3) By Joshua Dalzelle


Book/Novel Author: Joshua Dalzelle

Book/Novel Title: Vapor Trails




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Summary & Review

Marine Lieutenant Jacob Brown was on borrowed time, and he knew it.He was a rogue element, disobeying orders and pursuing mission goals of his own. His Scout Team had been burned, disavowed by his chain of command and the owner of the stolen ship he was flying was after them to get it back. To make matters even more complicated, the man Jacob had stolen the ship from is an infamous outlaw and mercenary named Jason Burke… his father.Being hunted down by both the United Earth Navy and the mercenary group that called itself Omega Force, Jacob has only one chance to keep his team out of a military prison and bring down the head of the One World terrorist faction that always seemed to be three steps ahead of him… and that was only if his father didn’t catch him first.
“Your old man is looking for us. He wants his ship back.””Where the hell did you hear that?” Jacob asked. “I haven’t heard anything.”What was left of Scout Team Obsidian sat at the galley table in theircurrent home, the ship Jacob had stolen from his father. The Phoenix was theproperty of Jason Burke and used by his merc crew, a group callingthemselves Omega Force.The gunship was an older vintage, but she’d been overhauled and rebuiltso many times that not much of the original ship was left. Her armament andflight systems were heavily—in some cases illegally—modified to make herone of the nastiest killing machines Jacob had ever flown on.The Phoenix had been left on the planet his estranged father called homenow. An out-of-the-way world near the edge of the Delphine Expanse calledS’Tora. When Obsidian had found themselves on the run, out of options, andburned by their chain of command, taking the ship had seemed like an easysolution to their problems. But if Burke wanted his ship back, that could be aproblem.For all his insistence he had little use for his father, he also had a healthyrespect for him and didn’t want him or his crew on the wrong side of his rage.Jason Burke was a dangerous, unpredictable man.”I still have some friends in the community,” Murph said. Alonso”Murph” Murphy was actually Special Agent Murphy of the NavalIntelligence Section. He’d been embedded with Obsidian in a deep-cover
operation, posing as an enlisted Marine, and found himself stuck in theassignment. It was a strange dynamic since, in real life, he was an assimilatedO-4 and outranked Lieutenant Jacob Brown, but he was acting as a MarineNCO for his mission.”They said Burke reached out to Captain Webb and asked where we wereat.””Damn,” Jacob said.”They’re coming back,” MG said over the intercom.The weaponeer had been sitting in the Phoenix’s cargo hold, watching outthe back ramp, waiting for the alien members of their team to come back.Since Obsidian hunted rogue humans, they tried not to muddy the waters bybeing seen waltzing around starports asking questions. Instead, Jacob hadsent his two battlesynths to poke around.The problem with battlesynths was twofold. They were not subtle beingsand tended to stick out wherever they went thanks to how rare the specieswas. They also generated strong fear and panic reactions in some due to theirdeserved reputation. Jacob had weighed his options and decided the stir twobattlesynths would cause would be preferable to someone rememberingthey’d seen another group of humans running around.”Let’s go down and meet Tin Man and his sidekick,” Murph said.”You’re really playing with fire fucking with them like that,” the team’spilot, Ryan “Sully” Sullivan, said from where he lounged in an overstuffedchair. “They don’t like nicknames, and they’re capable of killing you in thespan of milliseconds.”





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