VENGEANCE By Theodora Taylor

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VENGEANCE: Snow and the Vengeful Reapers: 50 Loving States, Nebraska (Ruthless MC Book 4) By Theodora Taylor


Book/Novel Author: Theodora Taylor

Book/Novel Title: VENGEANCE



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Vengeance isn’t just a team of enforcers, they’re a destination where all morals and good sense get checked at the door.Every server at the roadhouse I work at knows that Vengeance is a package deal. The three enforcers for the Ruthless Reapers don’t just share a job, they share you for one night if you dare to go to one of the rooms upstairs with them.Whenever they come into the roadhouse, they stare at me. Three wolves just biding their time until I agree to be their next meal.But you know what? Hard pass. I’m on the last six months of my five-year plan to become a certified doctor. And giving my body to three outlaw bikers is not one of the items on my sensible checklist. Besides, I’ve learned the hard way you can’t trust anyone but yourself.So, nope. No way. Uh-unh. It doesn’t matter if they make my stomach flutter and my seriously neglected nether regions stir with some very bad thoughts. I’m not budging from my five-year plan.But then, my aunt’s boyfriend attacks me. One moment I’m calling Vengeance as a last resort. And the next I’m waking up in their bed.Vengeance has me now. And Reapers don’t date. They POSSESS.New plan. Figure out how to escape from these three men before they convince me to give them everything they want. My body, my mind, my heart—maybe even, my soul.
Allie Snow has a plan, but the biker trio known as Vengeance has a better one.I was just getting used to triads, but here comes a quad I was not ready for. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it though. Felt a bit weird, but I was pretty much here for all of it.If you like quads, continuity, and best laid plans, this is for you.
What can I say? This book was so freaking good I literally read this in 1 day!!! Amazing!! So much chemistry in so many characters, just amazing. Who knew that Vengeance, three psycho killers for the Reapers were actually tender lovers and romantics!! Regardless of how they got Doc, it’s what they did when they had her. Now I had no idea how you were going to work the quad scenes. But I must say they were everything!!! They some of the steamiest sex scenes and the writing was so good it almost felt like I was there . Hyena was hilarious and literally spoke for the group. Vampire was the unofficial leader. Des-E, silent but deadly and secretly terrified of horror movies. All fell in love with Doc/Allie, someone who had a 3 5 year plans and her nose in a book. She was not the normal roadhouse female with big boobs and whatnot but she was everything that they wanted in a woman. The patience they displayed while waiting for Doc. The love and care that was given when she was with them. Their rules were absurd but whatever!! Can’t wait to finish reading about these crazy Reapers. Great job Theodora, great job!!!!!
Wow…..I need a cold shower after that one.I wasn’t sure that Ms. Taylor could pull off a 3 way romance like this, but she hit a homerun as usual.Applause!!!
Ooh this book was HOT, Allie was a brave soul to take on Vengeance, they were beyond intense.Doc(aka Alli), has so many demons from her past, that she cannot see what is right under her nose, she plans everything but is actually quite closed minded to anything but what is in her plan.The guys of the Vengeance triad are some scary dudes with their own troubled back stories, but love wins in the end.
I love how Doc (Allie) had a 5-year plan and wanted to stay focused on getting it done. Until she meets Vengeance (Vampire Des-E and Hynea)Her uncle finds her sleeping behind the bar and tells her to go home and Des-E overheard the conversation and when she went by Vampire and herAunt boyfriend tries to force himself on her and her she calls for help they show up and take her out of the situation after some gunfire. They take her to a home in Nebraska. and she gets into a relationship with Vengeance and when she doubts herself she runs they find and they tell her their story of their life and she tells them about hers. 5 Stars will not tell the ending of the book but I love it can not wait for Hades
ThIs series just keep getting better and better. I enjoyed this book a lot. The author is fantastic. Keep up the good work.


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