Virgo By Gemma James

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Virgo (The Zodiac Queen Book 6) By Gemma James


Book/Novel Author: Gemma James

Book/Novel Title: Virgo



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Twelve men. A virgin queen. One arranged marriage.Miles Sinclair.The virgin of the Brotherhood.Designer of kinky tech.Believes patience is a virtue.The man is as disciplined as he is dominant. His house rules aren’t open to negotiation, and they involve a shared bed and zero clothing. Despite his need for control, I fight him at every turn.Because it’s time for me to take a stand in this tower of secrets and betrayals. But on a fateful summer day, temptation awaits in a gazebo—a chance encounter where air and fire collide—and a single moment of weakness engulfs my world in flames.Mr. Sinclair might believe in patience, but to him, forgiveness isn’t a virtue.Part 6 of The Zodiac Queen.





4.9/5309 ratings