Voodoo’s Sorceress By Ciara St James

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Voodoo’s Sorceress (Dublin Falls’ Archangel’s Warriors MC Book 17) By Ciara St James


Book/Novel Author: Ciara St James

Book/Novel Title: Voodoo’s Sorceress



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VoodooVoodoo is a man on the edge. He has been there for months. His club doesn’t trust him, and he doesn’t know how to change that. Maybe it’s time to move on. He betrayed them in their minds and, therefore, can no longer be trusted. He doesn’t feel like he’s a true brother anymore to the Warriors. This, combined with his haunted past, is tearing him apart and pushing him to the edge. To a place he doesn’t want to go. Even his cousin, Blade, isn’t enough to keep him where he’s not wanted. He’s all set to make his decision, when a ride out to support a prospect leads him to her, Nevaeh.NevaehNevaeh hasn’t had things easy for the last few years, but she continues on with the love and support of her mom and cousin. She finally feels like her life is on track when an attack brings an old enemy back into her life. Someone who shouldn’t have been allowed out to wreck her life again. She’s sore and beaten when her cousin walks into her hospital room. Only he’s not alone. He’s brought some of his club’s brothers with him. One of them immediately takes her breath away and has her full attention, Voodoo. She’s never met a man like him.Voodoo and Nevaeh have not only her enemy to fight, but Voodoo’s demons, his brother’s interference, Nevaeh’s resistance, and a Bratva boss. Will Voodoo choose to stay with the Warriors, or strike out on his own and try to protect the woman he loves? Or will he stay and embrace the Warriors fully as his family? The decision is up in the air, but all he knows is he’ll do whatever it takes to protect and love Voodoo’s Sorceress.WarningThis book is intended for adult readers, It contains foul language, adult situations, discusses events such as stalkers, assault, torture, PTSD, and murder that may trigger some readers. Sexual situations are graphic. There is no cheating, no cliffhangers and it has a HEA.
I read all 17 books back to back . I can not wait for more. I love how they intertwined and kept the story going
Archangel’s Warriors series gets better and better. Love love this book. Voodoo comes strong and dangerous. But really his broken , lost in his head his not worth anything for her or his brothers. Archangel’s Warriors are a club of family and loyalty. They won’t let you down . But with the help of Nevaeh he learns to trust and value his life. We get to see the change for a lost soul. To a man ready to protect his brothers and his ol lady. One of my favorite books in this series. Your gonna love it .
As always she knocked it out of the park with this one! Voodoo found his one and Sorcerous found the man she could count on!
Voodoo is at a crossroads with his club. He did not divulge details about his brother that the Dublin Falls Archangels Warrior MC and they have kept him out of the loop enough that he is considering leaving his club. When he is asked to help check in on one of the prospect’s cousin, he doesn’t expect to meet the woman who will change his world Nevaeh.Nevaeh can’t believe she was attacked and when she finds out who by it scares her because she knows he wont relent. Being protected by the MC helps, but she doesn’t quite understand why Voodoo spends so much time with her. Voodoo is trying to get close, but for some reason Nevaeh has not caught on that they are meant to be. Will Voodoo be able to protect her while getting her to realize they are meant to be?I had been waiting for Voodoo’s story and this one did not disappoint. Liked who he was paired with and how the story with his club unfolded. Another great story.
I love reading about all the bad boys falling for there one. I really like that the women are warriors in there own right! It strengthens the family group! Now we have lots of kids for a second generation series!
It amazes me how much I get lost in a good book. The real surprise is when you can picture it and hear and feed it happening! Thank You for transporting me to Dublin Falls again. Great story and a must read!!!


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