Wake Him Up By Michael Anderle

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Wake Him Up (One U.G.L.Y. Marine Book 1) By Michael Anderle


Book/Novel Author: Michael Anderle

Book/Novel Title: Wake Him Up



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Could the first Vale settlers have predicted anything but the perfect civilization they were determined to create?How was it possible that their advanced culture and knowledge could one day prove to be their greatest disadvantage?Had they not learned the bitter lessons of man’s weaknesses and overcome them?Centuries after being driven from Earth as part of a massive diaspora triggered by an alien invasion, can the Valers face their worst—and unimaginable—nightmare?Can they withstand the might of the Komran Empire as it sweeps across the galaxy in a campaign to conquer all in its path?When the conflict reaches a crisis point, will they recognize that what they see as their greatest strength is their greatest weakness before it’s too late?Sometimes, situations are so ugly that only an ugly solution will suffice.Will they have the courage to unleash the secret weapon they have in their cryo hold?Are they desperate enough to resort to the kind of tough and strong that is bold, bad, and brazen enough to turn their society and the enemy on their heads?Joe Ugly is undoubtedly the Marine for the job. But is the galaxy ready for One Ugly Marine?
An author who writes about things military should know when to use ordinance and that is not when ordnance is correct. This author failed that test. Add to that repeated flipping from one point of view to another and another and another until the flow of the book is gone. Maybe the trend to writing multiple points of view novels is a reflection of ADD in the author community? What ever the cause I find it unwelcome. Three stars is the best I can do for a book I did not finish.
Finished it and will read at least two more to see where it is going.Similar to Brownstone in temperament but whole other universe.
This is a great beginning to a new series. A “fish out of water” tale is always intriguing to me. It’s just how the story plays out that makes or breaks it. This one was wonderful. I really like Joe and how he is integrating into this new (to him) society. Of course everything is not going his way and I am looking forward to his adjustments to life.
Michael Anderle is an incredibly prolific author. He invents characters that are interesting, irreverent, and complex. I first found Bethany Ann in “Death Becomes Her”, a unique twist on the vampire/werewolf saga that took it in an unexpected and delightful direction. Then there was James Brownstone, Shay, and Allison Brownstone in the James Brownstone series. Then there were the stories based around the Zoo, the McFadden and Banks series, and the Bohica series. Interestingly, this story occurs centuries after the Zoo and earth, but the soldier, the “Ugly Marine” fought in the Zoo on earth, and was placed in cryostasis to be awakened when a man of his special warrior talents was necessary.The descendants of earth live in The Vale, a planet across the galaxy. They find themselves in a conflict with a deadly alien force, and the sensibilities of the day are not enough to allow them to fight the foes. That’s when they wake up the Ugly Marine. It’s a fun first book, sets the stage, and tells a colorful story of conflict on an alien wold to recover scientists researching ancient alien tech. Just a warning. If you are a snowflake who does not enjoy strong men, and for that matter, strong independent women, Michael Anderle’s characters are decidedly masculine and feminine. They are also funny, intelligent, and often thoughtful. Personally, Michael Anderle is one of my favorite authors. He is unconventional in the same way Jim Butcher is, inventing a complete world view, then creating characters and a storyline we can all enjoy. It’s escapism at its finest.
Good book, fast paste, interesting character. I am going to give this book 4 stars because of the male misogyny. All marines don’t act like this one did. He’s a great main character except for his approach to women. There is something called the military code of conduct, be a marine act professional like a marine. Besides that issue the book was good characters will probably be flushed out a bit more good world building going to read the next book when it arrives
Anything from Mr Anderle, I get excited by. This is very good, not quite up to Savage qulaity or the 1st of the 1st, BA. But still very good fun reading, already pre-ordered #2.Michael, keep up the good work. I’m still feeling my way around east TX, need lots of great reading material to fill voids.


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