Waking of the Witch By Deanna Chase

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Waking of the Witch (Witches of Keating Hollow Book 11) By Deanna Chase


Book/Novel Author: Deanna Chase

Book/Novel Title: Waking of the Witch



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Georgia Exler has always been the odd witch out. In a family of accomplished witches, she’s the only one who never uncovered her own magical abilities… until she moved to Keating Hollow. Heartbroken after her husband of two years is killed in a tragic accident, the writer moves to the enchanted town to start over. All she wants to do is write her next book and make a few new friends. But when the events in her life start to mimic the newest paranormal romance she’s writing, she starts to wonder if maybe she’s found her magic after all. Only how is she going to give her characters their happily-ever-after, when she’s terrified to finish because everything she writes seems to come true?Logan Malone has loved and lost not once, but twice. He’s a man who’s resigned to a quiet single life among the redwoods and his manuscripts of hope and new beginnings. What he writes and what he’s wants are two different things. Or so he thinks. When another writer befriends him, suddenly magic is in the air, and the walls he’s built start to crumble. Is the third time a charm or will he leave Keating Hollow before he has a chance to find out?
I have read almost all of her series I like the ones with the biker thing whatever Sanctuary group. They gave me a feeling of Hope no matter who you are you can always be better.
Held my interest! Love her writings! Cannot wait to read Book 12!! A lot of characters to keep track of!
Everyone helps each other. Possibilities are everywhere and magic old and new are found. I think my favorite character was Aunt Dee. The advice she gives us spot on.
I love this series. The plots are great and each stand alone. But the way the series fits together really tops it off
I love how Chase keeps adding new and unique abilities/situations in her witches’ lives like Georgia who has latent abilities that slowly start coming out. The twist about her abilities manifesting through her writing into her real life was fun to see and piqued my curiosity in how she would deal with it – would she embrace it? or run from it? Logan wasn’t quite the stellar male lead that I’ve seen Chase write in the past, but then again, I think it’s because both Georgia and Logan’s talents were a bit too similar. I wish there could have been a bit more of a difference between them and see more complimentary talents. The fact that they were so similar made the plot a bit more predictable than I liked. With that said, I do appreciate the strength Chase gave Georgia when faced with an opportunity and spotlight she never imagined & how she ended up handling it. In all, it was a cute story; just not one of my absolute favorites.


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