Warriors By Erin Hunter

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Warriors: A Starless Clan #1: River By Erin Hunter


Book/Novel Author: Erin Hunter

Book/Novel Title: Warriors



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A thrilling new adventure begins in Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series!They have always lived by the code—but only change can keep the peace.A new age is dawning on the warrior Clans. Now a new generation of warriors rises—one wrestling with the legacy of his great ancestor Firestar, one seeking to protect her troubled Clan, and one yearning to prove herself as a medicine cat—as leaders from all five Clans agree that the Warrior Code must be reformed.But when tragedy strikes RiverClan, old fears will threaten the new peace… unless these three young cats can calm the coming storm.This seventh epic Warriors series is full of action, intrigue, and adventure. This first book is the perfect introduction for new readers, while long-time fans will discover what unfolds after the events of The Broken Code.
Warriors a starless clan: River was a great story with a great lesson. The lesson I picked up on the most was the importance of being open and honest to all. There are a great many plights under gone in the story and the Clans are all in a time of great upheaval with changes being made to the Warriors code. However, many cats have decided to keep secrets and even ask others to keep their secrets (at a cost to themselves) Sunbeam is a wonderful Shadowclan cat who finds honor in her clan and appreciates the rules that they live by. However, a friend does some damage to Sunbeams faith in herself and the rules they live by when she ask her to keep and secret and that secret is found out. A lot of pain could have been avoid if they were open and honest about what had happened from the beginning. Riverclan goes through a terrible ordeal one that requires more help than they let on, two lives end up lost that didn’t need to be, if only the cats had been honest about exactly what had happened with the other clans.While there was a lot I loved about this story there were a few things that I wasn’t very happy with there wasn’t a lot following any cat that was familiar in anyway and a lot of the cats we have known and loved in the stories seemed like they were totally going against their normal character. The book also seemed like there was no one direction that it was taking and I felt the story didn’t pull together as much as it could have. Perhaps, if there had been a little more substance given in certain situations, so we know a little more about certain events that transpired during the coarse of this book I would feel more satisfied. However, all in all I enjoyed this story and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.
I mean it was a good book, but so much of this could be predicted. For example the Romance thats probaly going to appear in the rest of the series between Nightheart and Sunbeam, the upcoming disaster that Riverclan will have, the tension that will rise in Shadowclan against the new code, and the fact that Bramblestar is likely to get worse (not telling this part lol). Not only that, but the content of this book was also predictable, with Curlfeather dying (sob) and Berryheart throwing a fuss over the new code. Also kinda short for the series as well.
I love all the books I read every single one so far I love the way which surprised me when Ashfur took over Bramblestar’s body. I SUGGEST THIS SERIES TO ALL PEOPLE LIKE ERIN ITS THE BEST!!!!!
This is another wonderful book. Couldn’t put it Down. I have every book in the series. I was hooked at the first book. I know they are children’s books and I love cats.

River is the first book in the new Warriors arc A Starless Clan by author Erin Hunter.It’s going better in ThunderClan, since Ashfur is no longer in control of Bramblestar body and the Dark Forest is no longer a threat. But as usual, it won’t stay calm for long. Problem is starting to happens in RiverClan and I won’t spoiled it here but it’s really not going well for them in this book. Also the five clans will decided that it’s time to some change in the Code.And as usual we follow the path of different cats. Now its Flamepaw, a descendant of Firestar who’s struggles with the weight of this really big leagacy. In ShadowClan, Sunbeam also has doubt, with a friend thats kepts getting into trouble and when Sunbeam think making the right decision and talk about it well, she might losing her best friend over this. And in RiverClan, medecine cat apprentine Frostpaw, looking foward to be able to help her clan. And since her mentor can’t speak with StarClan well, this time may come sooner then she think.I have really loved the beginning of this new arc and looking foward to the sequel.


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