Way of the Wolf, The Grand Game, Book 2 By Tom Elliot

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Way of the Wolf, The Grand Game, Book 2: A Dark Fantasy LitRPG Adventure By Tom Elliot


Book/Novel Author: Tom Elliot

Book/Novel Title: Way of the Wolf, The Grand Game, Book 2



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New Powers and Old. A conflict millennia in the brewing. And at the center of it: one man.Michael has escaped the clutches of the Dark, if only temporarily. Surfacing in the world above, he finds matters no less complex than down below and survival as challenging as it had been in the dungeon.Is the harder path the one you must forge on your own?Many want Michael as their ally. Yet more want him dead, and the Dark is not done with him either. Can he find a way to navigate the treacherous waters of the Game and uncover the mysteries about himself?Or will Michael bend to Powers greater than him?Follow him on his epic journey of discovery and find out!PRAISE FOR THE GRAND GAME:“Interesting portal litrpg. Well-paced and the start of a new series. Curious to see where it goes…” —Tao Wong on goodreads.com.“… Great action, great storyline and I honestly binge read it, start to end…” —Alex Kozlowski on goodreads.com.“Smart MC. Great Tension. Full of Action.” —CookieCrumble on RoyalRoad.com.“Everything I look for in a LitRPG.” —CosmereCradleChris on RoyalRoad.com“Oh I liked this very much!” —The Enlightened Beard on amazon.com.“One of the best in this category this year.” —kindle customer on amazon.com.
Plenty going on from start to finish. The characters were diverse and interesting. It’s a really fun read!
I’m really enjoying Michael’s progress through the Game and the development of his abilities. There seems to be a fairly obvious attribute in his future which surprisingly enough he doesn’t see but that lack of foresight could be linked to his memory loss.This is a great progression story while also being a welcome departure from the normal litrpg structure.
Solid litRPG book with good elements and a main character that does things that make sense in-context. Looking forward to the next book.
I was convinced that while enjoyable this story would rely on heavy tropes that end up being predictable, yet the more I read the more my expectations get subverted. Every new bit of the game we learn with Michael keeps you wanting more and more. I cannot wait to read on and for the tri blend to happen. This series is quickly becoming one of my favorites up there with the ender series by Orson Scott card. I can’t wait to make Michael in d&d as well.
Love little stories with good characters that suck you in….yes me too.This so far is a great series and cannot wait for book 3 to come out
Another great addition to the series. I am excited to see where Michael’s adventures take him. Worth the read and the cost!


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4.9/5309 ratings