Werepanther 6 By Logan Jacobs

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Werepanther 6: Paranormal Hunter By Logan Jacobs


Book/Novel Author: Logan Jacobs

Book/Novel Title: Werepanther 6



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There were lots of pros and cons to being a powerful werepather.Pros: I could kill any human or paranormal enemy that came my way, badass women threw themselves at my feet, and my lucrative lounge was raking in the dough. Cons: Every god and monster wants to see my head separated from my shoulders.But unfortunately for my enemies, they haven’t succeeded yet, and as I grow my empire and my power, it’s only going to get worse for them from here on out.
I really enjoyed book 6 of this series. The love scenes and action continue to keep me hooked. Can’t wait for part seven!

Another great book in the series and I can’t wait for the next one to come soon enough. Also can’t wait to see who comes to there group next.
Another great addition to the series. Logan keeps adding to the existing story line and keeps your interest. I look forward to the next installment
Another hit by Logan Jacobs. The action and intrigue keep ramping up. With new allies and new power I can’t wait to see what happens with Carter and his team in the next volume.


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4.9/5309 ratings