What Can’t Be Seen By Brianna Labuskes

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What Can’t Be Seen (Dr. Gretchen White Book 2) By Brianna Labuskes


Book/Novel Author: Brianna Labuskes

Book/Novel Title: What Can’t Be Seen



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A brilliant psychologist faces the secrets and lies of her own dark past in a shocking novel of suspense by the Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author of A Familiar Sight.“Gretchen…What have you done?”Psychologist and criminologist Dr. Gretchen White, top consultant for the Boston PD, has solved countless cases—but never her own. Since the age of eight, she has lived her life thinking she killed her aunt. After all, she was found standing over the body, clutching a bloody knife. Most people, including Detective Patrick Shaughnessy, believe the little sociopath got away with murder. Thirty years later, Detective Lauren Marconi wants to prove them wrong.When plucking at the threads of the past unravels a decades-old case tied to the White family, both Lauren and Gretchen grapple with the question, What if Gretchen really is guilty? As old secrets come to light and Gretchen’s lifelong grip on her darkest impulses threatens to erode, Shaughnessy is there watching, waiting for her to lose control one more time.Everyone thinks they know what happened that night. But the truth is beyond what anyone imagines—even Gretchen herself.
I was so keen for this book to come out and I devoured it on Audible. Dr Gretchen White consults for the Boston PD and she identifies as a sociopath. For years Detective Shaughnessy has stalked her and believed her guilty of murdering her aunt when she was a child. In this story, Detective Marconi badgers Gretchen into solving the mystery of what happened that fateful night when she was found holding the knife that killed her aunt. This was gripping and spellbinding and unexpected. I can’t recommend this series more highly.
Well told story with lots of plot twists. Gretchen is quite the unique character which makes for a great read.
What a captivating story! Really enjoyed listening to Gretchen’s story..keeps a person guessing and looking forward to the next book to see where her story leads next.
More than once my mouth fell open at the turn of events happening. A great read!Don’t pass up this book.
Beat book I have read in awhile. The turn of events were great! I recommend this book to everyone. Enjoy
The second book in the series was even harder to put down than the first. This book tells the story of the main character, Gretchen, and unravels the story of the murder she committed as a child.


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