What Lovers Do By Jewel E. Ann

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What Lovers Do By Jewel E. Ann


Book/Novel Author: Jewel E. Ann

Book/Novel Title: What Lovers Do



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From bestselling author Jewel E. Ann comes a hilarious secret lovers story that redefines the meaning of friendship. Shep’s found the female version of himself … and he thinks she’s perfect—perfectly unavailable.Everyone loves Shep, the charismatic employee at Scottsdale’s newest pet store. He has shared custody of his two dogs with his annoying ex-wife and a smile that can disarm most women.Except … Dr. Sophie Ryan. What starts out as a disastrous first meeting, involving a coffee catastrophe and mistaken flirting, turns into an unconventional friendship.Fake phone sex. Dog park dates. And eighteen holes of golf. The problem? Sophie’s taken herself out of the dating pool for a mysterious reason, imprisoning Shep in the friend zone for eternity.As their competitive personalities hit a boiling point, the gloves come off and so do their clothes. When Sophie’s “real” life threatens their relationship, can Shep let go of his past to chase the one that might get away?
I know it’s a good book when I can’t put it down, even to go to bed. These two are so cute together. Such smart and witty exchanges between the two main characters. One of the best books I’ve read in a while. Many chuckles. Just read it.
Sophie has terrible luck in men. For example her current ex boyfriend won’t move out. She decides to not get involved with anyone for at least a year. She walks into the dog store with and her dog pulls her and her coffee goes flying and she meets Shep who works there. Shep is a very good looking man and extremely sweet who is also going through his own issues. They become friends and then “best friends “. Can they get out of the friend zone. Great characters and storyline Highly recommended Amazing Book. This is my first book by this author definitely not my last.
In the grand scheme of things, good things are worth waiting for and man was it good! The epilogue was icing on the cake! Such a great, sweet read.. well done, Jewel E Ann!
I really enjoy this author and her writing style and her sense of humor. I really enjoyed this story.The characters were great and had a great chemistry. If your looking for a fun read. this book is for you.
I really, really enjoyed this book. I only have one issue with it. For me, this book was more of a contemporary romance than a romantic comedy. Perhaps others found it more humorous than I did. I think I was about 60% into the story before I actually laughed out loud for about 2 minutes over one line. That’s not to say there weren’t funny parts interspersed along the way. There were. Many times there were situations that would qualify as funny, but for me, I found the story to be much more serious. My angst level for the main character, Sophie, was off the charts at times. I felt she was walking such a tightrope in her personal life that I kept waiting for her to fall off it! I kept looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for her and all I was seeing was doom and gloom. It was very unsettling. That being said, I’m not going to say much more about the story. I went in blind with no expectations. I’m so glad I did. This author is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine. This is only my third book by her and I’m so captivated by her storytelling. So far what I’ve read has been different and unique. There’s always much to think about. Her stories are somewhat overwhelming, but in all the good ways. I highly recommend reading this book. I’m anxious to read more from this incredibly talented author!
The book started out cute, with a side of cheese. Then it migrated into sweet with a side of sexiness. But then it whomped me in the feels with a full course of tension, angst, and my tear stained cheeks that hurt from both laughing and crying. It caught me by surprise, but I loved this book. This book and me are friends. Probably best friends.


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