What We Know Is True By Jamie Bennett

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What We Know Is True By Jamie Bennett


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Bennett

Book/Novel Title: What We Know Is True

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“Reid McGrath is going to see me naked. Who would have thought it?”
Polar opposites. Karis and Reid are nothing alike. Where she calculates risks, he takes them. When she looks, he leaps—literally.
But somehow, they do work well together—better than well, because oddly, they seem to complement each other. They’re great work colleagues. They’re great friends.
Could they be great at something more? Can Reid give up roaming around the world, looking for adventure? Can Karis let go of her control a little, to take a chance?
Sometimes, your happy ending can’t be planned, coordinated, and calculated…but it’s there, if you can let go and reach for it! **

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