Whelon By Celia Kyle

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Whelon (Scifi Alien Dragon Romance) (Dragons of Preor Book 12) By Celia Kyle


Book/Novel Author: Celia Kyle

Book/Novel Title: Whelon

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Experiencing the Knowing is magical… until you have to deal with human in-laws… Local news celebrity Sasha Dane and her mother are fixated on one goal—leverage their media presence to make life supremely difficult for the invading Preor. They want the aliens gone from Earth and for their unnatural hold on human females to end. Permanently. That’s how Sasha found herself at Preor Choosing Station Tau attending a Preor Choosing. Her job? Gather as much dirt as possible. If only that had gone according to plan… Preor Healing Master Whelon never liked the human “cattle calls.” Where hordes of human females threw themselves at the attending Preor in hopes the Knowing would blossom. Nevertheless, he finds himself drawn to Choosing, pulled by an inexplicable force to attend.And that’s when it happened… The Knowing. Desire. Want. Need. Hope… Now, both Sasha and Whelon realize fate has a cruel streak.Sasha must contend with the differences between what she thought to be true—the Preor are an evil, women-stealing, vicious peoples—and reality… That the Preor cherish and love their mates and care for all human beings.Meanwhile, Whelon must realize that his fated mate has obstacles only she can fight.Will Sasha overcome her mother’s teachings and embrace her Preor mate? Or will she deny the Knowing—deny Whelon—and curse them both to death?

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