When an Earl Loves a Governess By Chasity Bowlin

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When an Earl Loves a Governess (The Hellion Club Book 5) By Chasity Bowlin


Book/Novel Author: Chasity Bowlin

Book/Novel Title: When an Earl Loves a Governess



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That kiss would never be enough. And if he let it continue, it would become something else altogether—something his honor could never permit.Welcome to book 5 in the bestselling series The Hellion Club by USA Today Bestselling author Chasity Bowlin!Widower Simon Montclair, Earl of Eastlington, has been battling more than his guilt over the questionable death of his late wife. Her mother, Mercy Milthorpe, had been a godsend to him in the beginning as she’d provided the help he needed to raise his young daughter. But over time, Simon came to realize that Mercy was poisoning Emily against him for reasons that he could not fathom. Desperate for help, he turns to the Darrow School and the lovely Miss Vivienne Alcott for aid.Vivienne instantly falls in love with Emily, a child so painfully haunted by her mother’s death and so tormented by the insidious whispers of her grandmother that she has become like a ghost herself. But her desire to help Emily is complicated by her attraction Simon.The longer Vivienne remains at the isolated country estate, Edgecomb Manor, the more she realizes just how ruthless Mercy Milthorpe is—and how hopeless she is to resist the earl.Simon and Vivienne must determine whether or not they can join forces to save Emily without giving in to their feelings for one another. But Mercy realizes that, with Vivienne’s presence, it will take far more than just alienating Emily from her father to secure Mercy’s own position.And the depths she sinks to will shock them all…Read Free in Kindle Unlimited!The Hellion ClubBook 1 – A Rogue to RememberBook 2 – Barefoot in Hyde ParkBook 3 – What Happens in PiccadillyBook 4 – Sleepless in SouthhamptonBook 5 – When an Earl Loves a GovernessBook 6 – The Duke’s Magnificent ObsessionBook 7 – The Governess Diaries
Simon thought that his mother-in-law was a godsend, but it would not be an exaggeration to call her the devil incarnate. Mercy used a child to further her own ends, and she would go to any lengths to keep the earl and her grandchild under her control. Simon kept Mercy under his roof even though he knew she was toxic. How, exactly, did she poison Emily’s mind? Why did Emily weep so much to force him to bring her back? Mercy was unkind to her granddaughter, so she should have been happy to see her gone; it was a mystery.Simon went to London to get a governess for his daughter. Was he too late, or would Vivienne be able to save Emily from her grandmother’s machinations? Matters would get complicated by Simon and Vivienne’s feelings for one another. Then, there was Mercy who did not want a governess to undermine her power. It would be a twisted tale of treachery and deception. Could love win against someone as evil as Mercy? Simon and Vivienne must stop resisting the attraction they have for one another. They must allow themselves to accept that love so that it could win the war. I loved this story and would recommend it to those who like historical romance with mystery and suspense.
While anxiously awaiting the coming of the main book (Effie and Highcliff) , the Hellion series are becoming too obvious and stale. I am all for building up the suspense of romantic drama but this story came to the sexual point too quickly, therefore leaving me with a feeling of rushing to get to the end.
I love this author. She tells a wonderful story and does it to perfection. Some of her other books seemed to end too soon and felt unfinished. This one feels complete. Another well written story I had a hard time putting down.

Enjoyable story except for the sex scenes. As a 79 year old adult, I have enjoyed sex and there are less graphic words to describe an enjoyable pastime.Characters are well developed and should make parents think about why their children have problems after daycare even if it is a relative.Highly recommend this book.
This was an exciting story of a young girl and her father, whose mother had died and mother’s mother had stayed in the house. She was a selfish, evil grandmother to the girl sucking out all her natural joy by filling the young girl’s head with lies and fear. The man, tired of the joyless atmosphere of his home, and hoping to bring back the laughter and happiness his daughter once knew, hires a governess. There are huge battles between the father and the grandmother, who does not want to lose the free rein she’s had in the house with her young granddaughter. Over his hiring of the governess. The grandmother tried to make a scandal between the father and governess, saying the governess is offering the father, an Earl, her favors in order to become his wife. That frightens the girl even more thinking that then her father will send her away to a school! The battle is finally won when the father sends the grandmother away from there house where she had no more influence over her granddaughter. The book was good except for the short part where the governess and the Earl end up getting married, and the gratuitous sex descriptions in the story! After their marriage, the book shifts to another character, preparing the reader for the next book.


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