When He’s Ruthless By Suzanne Wright

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When He’s Ruthless (The Olympus Pride Book 4) By Suzanne Wright


Book/Novel Author: Suzanne Wright

Book/Novel Title: When He’s Ruthless



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Blair Kendrick was just twelve-years-old when she stared into slate blue eyes and sensed that her world was about to change. She’d known down to her bones that the broody alpha cat shifter was her true mate. For the past six years, Luke has watched over and supported her. When she turns nineteen in a few months’ time, he’ll officially claim her and she’ll then join his pride. Or that’s the plan. Knowing her parents are extremely opposed to it, she isn’t surprised when her mother attempts to derail it. But the recent discovery on her porch comes as a shock, forcing Blair to face that she’s become the focus of a predator that lurks in the darkness and now intends to close in on her.Not even the most ruthless of men are without a weakness. Luke Devereaux has only one: a fierce, lethal bush dog shifter who is also his mate. Before Blair, his mind was a place of endless blackness. She gave him purpose, peace, and balance. It’s finally nearing the time he can make her his, and he’s done playing nice with her interfering parents. But it turns out that they’re the least of his problems, because Luke isn’t the only one who has been watching and waiting for Blair to grow. There’s another who believes he has a claim to her. Someone who has so far kept to the shadows. Someone who is proving difficult to unmask. Someone who has already shown he’ll do anything to possess her. Even kill.
I was wondering how Luke and Blair’s story was going to come together, without it seeming creepy since they’ve known that they were mates when she was 12 and he was an adult, but as always Suzanne weaved a tale that was action packed, loaded with sexy times, and enough angst to make your anxiety shoot past 10.Blair was definitely a force to reconned with even if she was only 18..alpha females are always more mature than your average teenager..and when you have mate who is as alpha as Luke, finding your way in the world is essential..especially since she is slated to be Beta female.In this story you get, all the normal sexy times, female bonding (with Elle, Havana, Bailey, and Aspen), intrigue (who is the stalker), angst (parents)..you’re interested and amused as always.
I just love all Suzanne’s books. This story was great. In many parts I laughed so hard I cried. Looking forward to the next one.

Loved this book from it beautiful cover to the dreaded last page. I didn’t want to see this book end. The story had love, was also funny, suspenseful and had an element of danger I love in a book. Olympus Pride books are never a disappointment, hoping for more books soon.
Your books never disappoint, can’t wait for the next book. I hope you write about the wolverines finding their mates, I think it’ll be funny!


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