When Hope is Lost By Jack Hunt

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When Hope is Lost: A Post Apocalypse EMP Thriller (After it Turns Dark Book 3) By Jack Hunt


Book/Novel Author: Jack Hunt

Book/Novel Title: When Hope is Lost



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After the world falls prey to an EMP that knocks out the power grid, millions die, chaos reigns, and humanity struggles to survive. For Laura, home is within reach when she finds Tommy in Tennessee, but a deadly adversary hell-bent on making him pay places all of them in the crosshair.As new threats arise in South Dakota, John Sheridan receives alarming news that tears him away and calls into question everything he believed about Frank Olsen, the fire at the Millers, and those he trusted.Meanwhile, as Danny follows a lead on his sister’s murder, he makes a startling discovery that sends him down a path of retribution that could prove devastating and destroy more than a community.When Hope is Lost is the third book in the After it Turns Dark series. This high-octane, post-apocalyptic thriller with flawed characters explores the world after an electromagnetic pulse knocks out power when society needs it the most. No lights. No phones. No transportation. This captivating family saga reveals what desperate people could be driven to do to survive at the worst time.
The best review I can give is that the characters grip my attention to the point I have read 3 books and Pl ook forward to more.

A riveting plot well written, keeping the pages turning in suspense with a surprise turning point, as the truth is finally revealed, and the pieces of the puzzle finally falls into place, Strong characters. An excellent and entertaining read.
Every bit of this story rings true. I love how the different lines all merge at the end.And I love the knowledge given without excessive details over helpful items, and battles won without excessive violent descriptions.I just finished the 3rd book , having read the first two over the weekend.I want a Yeti Ground Zero, book 4, and to visit family in Lead.
I am ignoring my errands as I can’t put this series down! I love the unique take on the Apocalypse, the characters who are easy to care for, and the unstoppable action. The story takes place in the Black Hills which is new and refreshing. It’s not always easy to know who are the bad guys but that just keeps you guessing. And the bonus – there’s a dog you’ll love!
Lots of action. Persistent use of “fella” is annoying. If you’re going to use military ranks, learn about them first. A Sergeant Major and a Major are entirely different. Look it up.


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4.9/5309 ratings