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When You Are Mine: A Novel By Michael Robotham


Book/Novel Author: Michael Robotham

Book/Novel Title: When You Are Mine



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In this page-turning psychological thriller from an author who Stephen King called “an absolute master,” a young female police officer faces danger on all fronts—from a clever victim of abuse, her colleagues on the force, and even her own mobster father.Philomena McCarthy is a young, ambitious police office with the elite Metropolitan Police in London. When she responds to a domestic violence call, she finds the victim, Tempe Brown, trying to protect her abuser, a married man named Darren Goodall, a decorated Scotland Yard detective afraid of no one. As Philomena pursues the case against him, she not only encounters resistance from her police force colleagues but also becomes dangerously entangled with the victim—who is not at all whom she appears to be—much to the increasing endangerment of herself and Henry, her fiancée. Complicating matters is Philomena’s estranged father Edward McCarthy, a powerful man who has built a criminal empire along with his brothers. Philomena has long tried to pursue her career as a police officer without her father’s involvement, but as she falls under suspicion of stalking and harassing Goodall, her father becomes involved. As the situation escalates, Tempe’s sinister maneuvers further entangle Philomena in a web of secrets, corruption, and murder, putting Philomena’s impending marriage, career, and very survival in jeopardy…​ Spellbinding, suspenseful, and filled with complex characters that could be heroes or villains, Robotham has crafted a smart and propulsive thriller that’s impossible to put down.
I LOVE this author. Obsessed with his Joe Loughlin series and his latest stand alone set in Texas. He’s incredibly talent, but WHAT IS THIS? I’m 50% in, and so far he’s managed to make this into a huge PC mess. Let’s do a checklist: Catholic mockery? Check. Lesbians? Check. Women are better than men? Check. (Direct quote from the book: “Whenever a man’s finger seeks someone to blame, it always seems to find a woman”. BLM? Check. COVID? Check. I get there are important issues, but it’s SO forced I can’t imagine this is the author whose books I’ve loved so much. I’ll be back to update after I finish the book because I want to give him the benefit.
As always, Robotham’s characters become real and cause the reader to feel for them. I look forward to anything from his pen.

This book was a disappointing muddle of a story. The main character is a police officer although she spends most of the book on personal stuff and we rarely see her at work. She’s also dense and repeatedly bad judgement. It’s hard to feel sympathy for her. The bad person is so obviously psycho that it’s hard to care. I’d skip this one.
When you are mine She was the victim, but how much of what she said was really the truth? When police officer Philomena McCarthy and her partner answer a call to a domestic disturbance between what is unknown to her as a highly established detective and his mistress, she finds herself be-friending the victim. But what happens when she finds herself becoming the victim, slowly seeming to lose everything she’s worked so hard for? It was a but lengthy but it was definitely gripping for me. I loved Philomena’s character and had some serious empathy for her and everything that was happening to her. There were some good twists in this one and the ending definitely caught me off guard. Though it was a lengthy book, it was a pretty good paced book and didn’t leave any loose ends. I enjoyed this one, though it did have some sketchy parts that creeped me out. If you’re into dark twisty psychological thrillers, this one is for you. I rate this ⭐⭐⭐⭐
I fell in love with Michael Robotham’s writing when I read The Secrets She Keeps and he became a must-read author for me with his next 2 books Good Girl, Bad Girl and When She Was Good. So I was very excited to read his latest book When You Are Mine, and I am happy to report that this book did not disappoint. Philomena (Phil) McCarthy is a police officer with the Metropolitan Police in London. She loves her job and has worked hard to overcome the obstacles in her way, mainly being a woman on the force, but also the fact that her estranged father and uncles are very powerful known criminals. Phil is engaged and her life is going very well at the moment, but that is all about to change when she responds to a domestic violence call. It is at the call that Phil encounters the victim, Tempe Brown, and her abuser, Darren Goodall, a married man who is also a decorated Scotland Yard detective. Phil has a scuffle with Goodall as she is trying to handcuff him. Phil also befriends Tempe Brown as she takes her to the hospital. It is these two encounters that are going to turn Phil’s life upside down and put her career and life in jeopardy. I loved everything about Phil. She is a woman trying to make it in a man’s world and every time she is pushed back, she pushes harder ahead. Phil goes out of her way to help Tempe and keep her safe from Goodall, even though she knows that trying to get Goodall to pay for his crimes will not sit well with the men in the department. It also doesn’t sit well with Goodall who uses his reputation to go after Phil. As Phil digs into Goodall’s life, she uncovers that not only has he been abusing Tempe Brown, but he has also been abusing his wife and children. But no matter what Phil does, she cannot get anything to stick to Goodall because he is being protected by others in the department. I loved how determined she was to bring Goodall down, though I did worry that instead of Goodall going down, it was going to be Phil instead. Phil’s friendship with Tempe starts off as a great bond between them, but then takes a dark and twisted turn. Tempe latched herself onto Phil and went to great lengths to try and please her, lengths that bordered the stalkerish line. Phil was fine with this at first, but the more she learned about Tempe’s past the more she started to try and distance herself from Tempe, though Tempe was having none of that. When a dead body turns up and Phil is suspected of the murder and Tempe is her only alibi, Phil has to turn to the one person she does not want to for help, her father. I really liked watching the father/daughter dynamic play out with Phil and her father as they try and overcome the past that pushed them apart and work on fixing their relationship. When You Are Mine had me hooked from the first to the last page. This book was full of tension and suspense and family drama, with twists and turns that had me turning the pages to the very end.


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