Whiskey & Witches By T.M. Cromer

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Whiskey & Witches (The Unlucky Charms Book 2) By T.M. Cromer


Book/Novel Author: T.M. Cromer

Book/Novel Title: Whiskey & Witches



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From the award-winning author of The Thorne Witches series… When the Golden Son sacrifices for the One, only then can the curse be undone… Carrick O’Malley is living a double life. To shield his son, Aeden, from a horrific truth, he convinced everyone he’d lost his wife in a tragic accident. But over the last eleven months, he’s done his job too well, and everyone now despises the woman he sneaks off to visit—the dreaded Witch of the Woods. Roisin O’Malley became an outcast to protect her small family from becoming collateral damage. Posing as her hated sister, Meg, should have made it easy to find whoever suppressed her magic and caused her disfiguring accident. But after months of searching, she’s no closer to the truth, and she’s finding it increasingly difficult to be away from those she loves. When someone learns Roisin’s true identity, the attempts on her life resume, escalating in intensity. Roisin and Carrick must put aside the differences caused by their separation and work together. If they can discover the link between the attacks and the ancient O’Malley prophecy, perhaps they can save their family and recapture the magic they lost.
The mystery, and plot twists with the villains, and the ..well I don’t want to give out spoilers lol well worth the read.

Another saga into the OMalley family this time with more surprises than you can shake a stick at! Seems the unlucky OMalley family maybe having a change of luck! If they can survive an attack from the OConners Klan. Read and find out!

I have read both books in this series so far and I’m in love! The way that T.M makes you fall in love with the characters and what happens to them is amazing. She will have you laughing out loud and crying. I would recommend this book and this series.
T.M. Cromer is an amazing writer! I love all the twists and turns and surprises! I have such a hard time putting any of her books down!


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4.9/5309 ratings