Whispers in the Shadows By Catherine Lloyd

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Whispers in the Shadows (Fog) By Catherine Lloyd


Book/Novel Author: Catherine Lloyd

Book/Novel Title: Whispers in the Shadows



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Mark of Caine Trilogy follows two characters introduced in Windemere Hall Trilogy: Tanner Caine and Laura Mayhew. ~
Formerly a lady-in-waiting, nineteen-year-old Laura Mayhew is the only witness to a sex scandal at Windsor Castle and is committed to Gateshead Insane Asylum to discredit her story. Tanner Caine, a cold, solitary and emotionally damaged ex-naval officer is tasked with silencing the girl permanently. Laura has the gift of second sight and she has been expecting an assassin for months but Tanner insists he’s only there to help. Haunted in her dreams by a baby’s cries, Laura decides to trust the dangerous Mr. Caine to escape the asylum and find the missing royal infant. When she is compelled into marriage to obtain her release, Laura discovers Tanner Caine is the one man whose thoughts she cannot read. And it is possible she has married her assassin.
Mark of Caine: Hidden in the Shadows is the first installment in the second trilogy of Catherine Lloyd’s Victorian Villains Gothic Romance Serials, historical romance in the tradition of Phyllis A. Whitney and Victoria Holt. Set in 1868, England, like the “penny dreadful” of the Age, each novella ends in a cliff-hanger. These are steamy romances containing scenes, language and themes written for a mature audience.





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