White Hot Silence By Henry Porter

White Hot Silence (Paul Samson #2) by Henry Porter

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Book/Novel Author: Henry Porter

Book/Novel Title: White Hot Silence

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Private investigator and fixer Paul Samson hasn’t spoken to his erstwhile friend Denis Hisami in over a year. He just has accepted a dangerous assignment searching for a missing American businessman in Russia when he receives a call from Hisami asking him for a meeting. Hisami has a bombshell to drop: a woman called Anastasia Christakos has been kidnapped, and Hisami wants Samson to find her. There’s just one small problem: Anastasia left Paul for Hisami, and was the cause of their rift. Nevertheless, how can Paul refuse? It soon becomes clear that Anastasia is being held by parties with Russian connections in order to manipulate Hisami’s business dealings. Is there a connection to Hisami’s past as a member Kurdish special-forces and intelligence? It will take all of Samson’s courage and guile to find out – and meanwhile the life of the only woman he has ever loved hangs in the balance.

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