White Nights By Anna Zaires

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White Nights By Anna Zaires


Book/Novel Author: Anna Zaires

Book/Novel Title: White Nights



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“A one-sitting, unputdownable read that will have your pulse racing from start to finish.” ~ L.J. Shen, Wall Street Journal Bestselling AuthorPower. That’s what I think of when I spot him across the ER. Power and danger.One of the wealthiest Russian oligarchs, Alex Volkov is as ruthless as he is magnetic. He always gets what he wants, and what he wants is me, in his bed.He’s the kind of trouble every woman should run from. The bullet his bodyguard took for him proves that.I should stay far away, but for one night, I give in to temptation. Before I know it, he’s pulling me deeper into his world of excess and violence, invading not only my life but my heart.How much trust can I place in a man so dangerous? How much do I dare risk for his love?Read more
I have loved all of Anna’s books, hate that I have to wait until mid November to find out what is in store for Kate & Alex.
I adore both of these authors and their work, however, this collaboration is a miss for me. Their writing wasn’t seamless, which was distracting for me when I can tell which author wrote which parts. Harshly Handsome, wavy hair, and more get repeated a lot. It was frustrating as a reader who just wants the story to get going.When it does get going, you’ve completed 98% of the book and are left with a rushed ending. Three starts because anyone who writes and finishes a book deserves that, but this one is seriously subpar to their natural talents and capabilities.
WOW!This is an absolutely incredible story!I began reading it this morning and haven’t stopped until I came to the end!The story is very well written and easy to follow. I enjoy the sex, the intrigue, and the intensity of this type of romance. It ends with Alex and Kate’s story taking an interesting turn. I can hardly wait to see where they go from here!!
Captivating story that is hard to put down. Keeps you guessing through most of the book. Female main character is starting to get annoying with her cluelessness by the end though.
Anna Zaires and Charmaine Paul’s are new authors for me.I loved the fairy tale!The love, the fire, no wicked stepmother, more fire, friends and her Mom.Bringing all of this together is fun, entertaining and makes you tingle.
Addicted to Alex and Kate. Red flags overlooked for romance snd passion and falling in love. Until the biggest red flag involves a decision made for her with no input. A life-altering decision. On his terms.I need Midnight Days now, please.


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