WIEDERGEBURT By Brandon Varnell

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WIEDERGEBURT: Legend of the Reincarnated Warrior: Volume 11 By Brandon Varnell


Book/Novel Author: Brandon Varnell

Book/Novel Title: WIEDERGEBURT



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THE BATTLE IS WONEryk, Kari, Fay, and Lin are tasked with a quest by the Eieran Family—to head to Whiterun Hot Spring Resort, locate a peeping Tom, and bring them to justice. They head to the resort, only to discover the culprit is none other than Kari’s grandfather.After returning home, Eryk continues building the Nevarian Braves into a force that can protect the nation. Everything seems calm under the surface. But tensions rise when the Drage Family makes a move none of them expected.
While your version lacks the artistic element, that actually went all the way, and so it’s definitely better ;).Eryk was a bit more edgelordy, but he had cause, so it works. He’s grieving, not being a brat. And he got better, that’s key too.Thanks Mykal! You’re a great artist!Thanks!
I’m looking forward to see what happens in the next book it’s getting very interesting anyway support the author and have a nice day
Absolutely love this story. Tons of action and great character development. Can’t wait for the next installment of the story
HUGE FAN of Mr Varnell. Have read most of your works. But this one is my favorite. Was sad to see you leave KU but have still kept up with your works. Really excited to FINALLY meet Herlief in this one. Love how he’s an amazing spiritualist, but still scared to death of being caught by the women he’s peeping on. A little sad to not find out who the “second woman he’s ever loved” was in this one but theirs always the next volume. To which I’m salivating in anticipation. Keep ‘em coming!
This volume gives the heroes a well deserved break from the constant “save the kingdom” story that fantasy stories have. They still advance the overarching plot but in a much ore relaxed way that focuses more on character than action. It’s a good entry to the series and I enjoyed it immensely.
My coworker introduced me to the series and I couldn’t put them down. Thank you for the amazing read I can’t wait for the next book.


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