Wife to the Marines By Krista Wolf

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Wife to the Marines: A Military Reverse Harem Romance By Krista Wolf


Book/Novel Author: Krista Wolf

Book/Novel Title: Wife to the Marines



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THREE US Marines seeking ONE wife to satisfy our insanely busy lifestyle…My friends can be real jerks sometimes, especially when they set up a fake dating profile in my name asking for three guys instead of one!But then this incredible response comes through, and I just can’t ignore it.I’m too obsessed with it… along with the trio of gorgeous photos I can’t stop drooling over.So I try to make a date with one of them.Only they won’t have it.It’s apparently all or nothing when it comes to these military men, and a triple-date sure sounds like a fun way to break the monotony of my boring dating life, doesn’t it?Only very quickly things become a lot more than just fun.Troy is the blond-haired, blue-eyed American dream, a decorated machine-gunner with a tragic past.Everett is the dark-haired, broad-shouldered combat engineer, with a heart as big as his enormous arms.Then there’s Forrest; a true, red-bearded warrior.Forged in combat, the bond they share seems closed and unbreakable… yet somehow they’ve opened their arms for me. I’d never considered dating more than one person, much less getting involved with three!But that’s the deal they’ve offered.No strings, no jealousy, just three ripped, powerful men with a drive and ambition that matches my own.Three brothers-in-arms willing to share me in every possible way, just as they’ve opened their hearts to mine.Just wait until my friends see what they actually started…WIFE TO THE MARINES is a military reverse harem love story filled with suspense, humor, and enough sweltering hot action to melt your kindle (author not responsible for molten kindles).HEA guaranteed!
I enjoyed Skylar’s book. Good characters with great chemistry. I got a copy of the book. And am voluntarily leaving my review.
I did like the book, but it was okay and not worth keeping. I’m giving it away because it’s not one of those books that I will pick up to re-read.
As usual, Krista never fails to entertain me with her books. Skylar’s friends signed her up on a dating app as a joke seeking multiple men to date, that would keep her happy and satisfied.When see read the ad her friends wrote, she swore she would get revenge.She was curious of the type of men that would respond to such a post.One post caught her eye, it was from 3 marines looking for a girlfriend to share.After reading their post, she couldn’t stop thinking about the post and decided to contact them.After talking to one of the guys she said she would go out with one of them, he said it was an all or nothing.A must read to find out what Skylar decided to do…….I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Krista wolf does an amazing job of opening our eyes and mine’s too new experiences this reverse Harem Romance is moving she gives us three Marines and one extremely competitive hard-working strong independent inspiring lead female character sometimes thinking outside the box and taking a chance on something you’re not sure of can turn in to the best thing that’s ever happened to someone in their lives I love that the story has a happy ending it gives you all the emotions and keeps you wanting more of her stories
Skylar is one of those high energy perky perfect friends who seems to have it all together. After a night of celebrating with her friends, she is horrified to find out they had put a profile up on a dating app stating that she needs more than one man to keep up with her. Needless to say, she gets numerous responses but one grabs her attention. She is shocked to find that Troy, Everett and Forrest really do want just one woman to share. The chemistry heats up the pages as they all get to know each other more than one way.
I really enjoyed reading this book. It was very good. I would enjoy reading other material written by this person.


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