Wildfire By Michael Wisehart

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Wildfire (Street Rats of Aramoor: Book 5): A Coming of Age Fantasy Adventure By Michael Wisehart


Book/Novel Author: Michael Wisehart

Book/Novel Title: Wildfire



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An Elondrian ambassador and his wife are kidnapped by the overlord of Cylmar, and Ayrion finds himself being whisked away in the middle of the night to save them.Not even given the chance to tell his tribe that he is being sent on a secret mission, Ayrion and Room Eleven find themselves being forced to sneak behind enemy lines.Unfortunately, as Ayrion’s luck usually holds, nothing goes according to plan.With this being Ayrion’s first time to lead a mission, he doesn’t want to fail, but the deeper into enemy territory they get, the more likely that outcome becomes.Street Rats of AramoorBook 1 BanishedBook 2 HurricaneBook 3 RockslideBook 4 SandstormBook 5 WildfireThe Aldoran ChroniclesBook 1 The White TowerBook 2 Plague of ShadowsBook 3 The Four-Part Key

Aryion is a magical warrior with a heart for all, especially rejects. He starts out alone ousted from him family and home only to make his way into a different kind of family. He manifests becoming a leader of a tribe, literally. Then goes on you find another family in the Kings Lancer’s. It’s a wonderful tale with lots of fighting for your life and the ones you love. Great read.
I loved the story, different for Ayrion to tackle with Room 11. It is a really good series that I would hope another story comes out of. The characters are interesting and likable. If I found one drawback it was the ending seemed a bit rushed. But I notice that in so many stories these days. Would I recommend this book or series? Most definitely. In all the Aldorian stories Michael Wisehart has a knack for bringing people you like to read about, characters with flaws, and integrity. And villains who can drive you crazy. Good reading all.
Nothing goes right for Aryion and he has to adapt as he goes along. To rescue the ambassador and his wife he’s back to sneaking around. Only this time he has a crew from room eleven at his back. Being a superb swordsman he gets into various scrapes as he goes to the neighboring country to rescue the ambassadors. Getting out my be a problem when they get discovered during the rescue. Then following that Aryion goes undercover into the warrens on another rescue mission. He manages to bit off more than he can chew. Read the adventure for yourself, it starts in banished, the street rats of arimore.
Enjoyed these books and even though I am a little older (>50), it was fun to read and follow the characters.
A continuation of a time of change as Aryion is becoming what fate has decreed for him. I enjoyed the book and wait for the next in this on going saga.


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