Winter in Wisteria By Angela Pepper

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Winter in Wisteria (Wisteria Witches Mysteries Book 12) By Angela Pepper


Book/Novel Author: Angela Pepper

Book/Novel Title: Winter in Wisteria



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Something evil has been unleashed and is heading toward Wisteria. With its lawyer.Meanwhile, Zara Riddle is picking winter snowberries when an old friend makes a surprise appearance. Zara is led to a remote log cabin, where she finds a zookeeper in trouble.No good deed goes unpunished, and Zara gets caught up in a mysterious conspiracy involving something called Activator X.Zara learns the hard way that some people will do anything to get their hands on Activator X.Can Zara and her supernatural friends save the day and still get home in time to welcome a new family member?Trouble has been unsealed, and it’s coming to town!


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