Wisteria Winds By Rachel Hanna

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Wisteria Winds (Wisteria Island Book 2) By Rachel Hanna


Book/Novel Author: Rachel Hanna

Book/Novel Title: Wisteria Winds



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There’s a hurricane heading straight for Wisteria Island…In book 2 of this popular new Lowcountry women’s fiction series, the residents of Wisteria Island are in danger as a hurricane is barreling toward their beloved island. Can Bennett and Danielle take care of their dozens of residents?Catch up with the crazy characters of Wisteria Island including Morty and Gladys, and maybe a few more you haven’t met yet!As usual, you might see some appearances of your favorite South Carolina Sunsets series characters too!
Rachel Hanna writes fun books that are clean and winsome. I thoroughly enjoyed both books in this series and would highly recommend it to any of my friends.
On Wisteria Island lives a group of seniors who are quirky, funny, and sometimes sad. I knew I was going to love Wisteria Winds when Gladys shouted, “Good Lord, where did this hunk of burning love come from?” Yep Gladys is one of the funny ladies who has just met the hunky new island doctor! Everything about this book made me smile. Danielle, the island nurse, and Bennett the gazillionaire who built the island, try their hardest to be a couple among this throng of elders. Will it ever work? I guess you have to read it yourself to find out! I highly recommend Wisteria Island and Wisteria Winds! I also hope the author might have another Wisteria book up her sleeve.
Hope there is another book about Wisteria Island. A great read. I recommend any or Rachel Hanna’s books to anyone looking to smile and be transformed to a different part of the country.
Book came in good condition. Came on time. Very easy reading! Hopefully their will be another book soon!
Beautiful storyline. Nice to know elderly people can continue to have a good life in such a beautiful place and make friends and had professional care. I have enjoyed this series very much.


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