With This Fling By Tara Sivec

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With This Fling (Summersweet Island Book 5) By Tara Sivec


Book/Novel Author: Tara Sivec

Book/Novel Title: With This Fling



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Laura Bennett has spent her life taking care of other people and running the Dip and Twist. Happily spending her time being single and carefree, she has no intention of settling down or falling in love. With an ever-growing family, she’s a mother to them all, and she loves every minute of it. But her baby is getting married, and her oldest has her own life changes she’s dealing with. Suddenly, being all alone doesn’t sound so appealing anymore.Dean Campbell has been the black sheep of his family since the day he was born. The only one he cares about is his nephew, Palmer. Deciding at the last minute to attend Palmer’s nuptials, Dean knows he’s going to need to try his hardest not to be his usual, grouchy self. He doesn’t like people, and he really doesn’t like weddings. But the sexy and sassy mother-of-the-bride has him wanting to check Plus-One on his invite. He’s never had more fun getting under someone’s skin, and it doesn’t take long for all the people, noise, and chaos that surround Laura Bennett to become a few of his favorite things.Laura thinks a fun wedding fling is just what the doctor ordered to get her out of this funk. But Dean’s been sprinkled with Shepherd’s glitter and the magic of Summersweet Island. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince her that, with this fling, she just might change her mind about falling in love again.
This book was so funny! Laura is not your typical mother. Dean is a sexy alpha. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I loved catching up with the other characters. Excellent writing.
Another beautiful book in this series. I have been waiting for Laura’s story and this extremely talented author did not disappoint. Uncle Dean and “mom’s” journey was full of passion, romance, laugh out loud moments and unconditional love. As usual the antics of this group were epic.
While all Tara’s book are good, I especially enjoy the Summersweet Island series. These books are ALWAYS cracking me up and the fourth book (With This Fling) was no exception. Need a laugh-out-loud type of book, then this book is for you.
Love all of Tara Sivic’s books. I want to move to Summersweet and meet all these characters. Laughed out loud and even got a little choked up. Can’t wait for the next one.
Tara never fails to write a book that keeps me laughing and makes me fall in love with every person. I want to move to this island.
I was very surpised to see that Laura gets her own story, but then I thought, why not? Seeing things from her perspective is a real treat and finally she gets a genuine love interest and has to deal with all her “kids” take on it. The love-hate trope was super funny, especially with all the antics of the gang.I also enjoyed the fact that she was never the perfect mom. In the previous ones, you see her as the sage woman who knows everything, but on the inside she has the same flaws as anyone else. And seeing the concerns of a mature woman with her adult children and her anxieties about life and love just made her more real.With the male lead, he did seem a little “too” perfect, but its couched in the “im not acting like myself but I dont care” type of way, so its okay. Just wish he had more chapters.Overall, other than the love conflict being more in their heads instead of talking about it like adults, it was a fun read. Another Summersweet Island goodie.


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4.9/5309 ratings