With This Ring By Natasha Knight

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With This Ring (To Have and To Hold Duet Book 1) By Natasha Knight


Book/Novel Author: Natasha Knight

Book/Novel Title: With This Ring

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ScarlettWhen Cristiano Grigori came for me, he didn’t come alone. He brought his army to kill the soldiers at my door and took me for himself. He put his ring on my finger and marked me as mafia property.His property.My brothers thought they had wiped out the Grigori family, but Cristiano is very much alive.And he has one purpose. Revenge. CristianoThe De La Cruz brothers were pawns to my real enemy. They were nothing but foot soldiers. Killing them was easy enough. Taking their sister, well, that’s another story. And she doesn’t know the half of it. Scarlett is mine. My bride.My pawn.She’s the daughter of a once-powerful Cartel King. And through her I will flush out the rest of the rats who sought to wipe out the Grigori name. Keeping her is just a bonus. A Brand New Arranged Marriage Dark Mafia Romance series from the author of Collateral Damage and The Dark Legacy Trilogy!

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