Wolf Queen By Linsey Hall

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Wolf Queen (Shadow Guild: Wolf Queen Book 5) By Linsey Hall


Book/Novel Author: Linsey Hall

Book/Novel Title: Wolf Queen



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I’m a hero. And I’m locked in a cell. Fantastic. A week ago, it took everything I had to save the werewolves from the Dark Moon curse, but I did it. Unfortunately, it left me with a nasty case of the curse myself. To make matters worse, I’m the most powerful werewolf who ever lived. And I’m apparently a goddess. As a result, I’m stuck in a cell because I’m a danger to everyone around me.Even though I don’t want to be locked up, I know it’s the best thing for everyone. If I were to get out and succumb to the curse, I would destroy us all. The only way to save myself is to find a cure and defeat the Maker, something that has proved impossible so far.My fated mate Lachlan is determined to help me, but we’re still haunted by our own curse. According to our most powerful seer, if I fall for him, I’m dead. So yeah, let’s just say things are complicated.The final book in the bestselling Wolf Queen series by Linsey Hall.





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