World War Metal Vol 2 By Jack Quaid

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World War Metal Vol 2 By Jack Quaid


Book/Novel Author: Jack Quaid

Book/Novel Title: World War Metal Vol 2



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Shelby Black is back!
Join everybody’s favourite, gun toting, robot crushing supermodel as she hits the road and travels across the madness that has become the United States of America.
The droids have a plan to destroy humanity once and for all! They’re drilling down into the core of the Earth and once they do that, it’s all over man. They’re going to drop a bomb in there and split the planet in two!
Shelby has seven days to hot tail it from Manhattan to LA and put a stop to the end of the world. But don’t kid yourself, this is not your typical everyday road trip. Shelby will come up against glam rock hair bands turned scavengers, gun-toting soccer moms and she’ll learn the truth about what happened to her son.
Jack Quaid’s second World War Metal novel has often been referred to as The Godfather Part II of this trilogy… but y’know, with killer robots and stuff.
The battle between humanity and technology continues in this insane follow up to World War Metal. **





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