Wormwood By Mark Dawson

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Wormwood (Group Fifteen Files) By Mark Dawson


Book/Novel Author: Mark Dawson

Book/Novel Title: Wormwood



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What if it wasn’t an accident?1969. Eloise Shepherd, one of MI6’s brightest rising stars, is working undercover in Soviet Russia as Magdalina Novikova. Her mission is to persuade nuclear physicist Stanislav Kalashnik to defect and bring his knowledge of Russian weapons back to the UK. On the verge of success, the operation fails suddenly and spectacularly.17 years later, Kalashnik is Chief Engineer at the power plant near Pripyat known as Chernobyl. His concerns for the safety of the plant are growing. When his views lead to accusations that question his patriotism, he finds himself in a very risky position.Meanwhile, back in London, Eloise Shepherd’s life and career are spinning out of control when she’s approached with a one-time offer to redeem herself. The mission: to get Kalashnik over Soviet borders once more. It’s an opportunity that could change everything and Eloise knows there’s no reward without risk. But she’s heading straight towards a danger far greater than she could ever have anticipated.
I really enjoyed this book took me a bit to really get into it but once I did and the story really elevated into a can’t put this book down type of story. It was very informative too as I researched some of things that happened in the story. My hats off again to Mr. Dawson on another fine book. Looking forward to the next one in this series.

Good book in the end but it was too technical and felt like Dawson was trying to teach me about nuclear physics and too many Russian names to remember and streets as well. When the story progresses and got away from how a nuclear reactor works it was a classic Mark Dawson book.
Kept me glued to the pages all the way through. Hope there is one to follow this story. Thanks for another good one.
Having read a lot of Mark Dawson’s books……not a one has ever disappointed…Wormwood, Mark has taken too a whole other level. Weaving history into a believable and feasible devious plot to destabilise Russia. A very well crafted story, gripping and hard to put down……highly recommended, thank you Mark for excellent read


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